All about TB

Most of the diseases are spread through the viruses or the bacteria. When the immune power of a person is not strong enough, these infections may occur. Tuberculosis is a bacterial disease which can be spread to the weak people. Though this disease can be found in all countries of the world, the under developed countries and the developing countries suffer a lit because of this disease. Countries of the Asian continent are often found be suffering a lot because of TB. While the same can be found in western and developed countries like the United States, the disease is not of the alarming stage as present in these countries. For instance, TB has become the most threatening issue in Asian country. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the bacteria that cause this disease. This bacterium affects many of the vital organs of the body, and the lungs are the most affected body. When the affected person coughs, sneezes or laughs, the bacterium spreads through air and the person with low immunity power, can easily get affected. When you spend time with the affected person, you can catch up with this disease too.

Classifications for Tuberculosis:

Pulmonary and extra pulmonary are the two different types of the tuberculosis disease.

Pulmonary Tuberculosis:

Cavitary Tuberculosis:

This type of tuberculosis occupies the most oxygenated place like the upper lobe of the lungs. This is a very rare type of tuberculosis.

Laryngeal Tuberculosis:

The laryngeal and vocal cords are the regions affected by this type.

Miliary Tuberculosis:

This is a fatal type of TB and occurs in the chest region. When a person is affected by this TB, treatment is not easy and cure is rare.

Pleurisy TB:

This is an easy to cure type of TB. It occurs in the chest area, but can be cured with effective treatment with no hassles.

Primary Pneumonia Tuberculosis:

This type of TB is found in children mostly and a disease that is highly infectious. However, this is a rare type of TB.

Extra Pulmonary TB:

Tuberculosis Peritonitis:

This is caused by the Mycrobacterium TB. When, a person is already affected by diseases that lower the immune power like HIV, cirrhosis and other disorders like diabetes, this type of TB attacks.

TB of Osteal:

This type of TB attacks the bones, make them weak, dull and brittle. This type of TB also attacks the spines.

TB of Pericarditis:

This is a type of TB that is caused by Mycrobacterium and cannot be diagnosed with ease.

TB of Renal:

This type of TB is found in men, and it affects the reproduction system of the affected men. As this TB occurs, the white blood cells are admitted into the urine.

TB of Adrenal:

Adrenal gland is above the kidney and when this TB occurs, the adrenal gland is affected.

Tuberculosis Symptoms:

There are many symptoms that can help the affected people to identify TB. While a few symptoms can be easily identified, a few are very hard to diagnose. Yellow phlegm, consistent cough, coughing with pain and blood indicates the presence of chest TB. When these symptoms occur, this means that the disease is severe and active. Also, it is not easy to cure this type of TB and can prove to be fatal. Here are few common symptoms of TB that can be found easily.

• Loss of weight
• Loss of appetite
• Chill sweats at the night
• Persistent fever
• Feeling too weak
• Feeling unyielding
• Blood while coughing

Risk Factors of TB:

When a patient suffers from diabetes or HIV, getting affected by TB is highly possible. When a person is undergoing treatment that is rigorous, or if the person is too weak, or the person suffering from leukemia, head and neck cancer patient can be affected by TB easily.

Prevention of TB:

Tuberculosis is a communicable disease. Hence it is very important for the person to stay away from family, friends and society. When a person affected with TB is around, he or she can spread the TB germs to 7 other people at a single time. Children are prone to such diseases, so you need to keep kids away from the person affected with TB. You can cover your mouth and nose with protective masks as TB is a disease that spreads through air. The person affected by TB should not speak often or should not spit all around. Such activities lead to the spread of TB. The TB patient should not move around of house a lot and should do activities in open and fresh air. Also, keeping away from pollution and stains are good ideas. The bacterium responsible for TB is deactivated in fresh air environment, so living in hilly regions is a good option.

Always, healthy diet, good workouts, and adequate water can keep you healthy. Avoid polluted and dirty atmosphere. Take in foods like vegetables and fruits that boost the immune power. When you follow these ideas, you can always prevent the occurrence of various types of tuberculosis.

How is TB treated?

The tuberculosis had no treatments in the past years. However, various effective treatments are available these days, which not only treat the symptoms, but can cure the disease. Medications can now cure TB with ease. Antibiotics are prescribed for 6 months and this is important because the duration makes sure that the germs are deactivated when the medications are taken. However, the duration is not same for everyone. The patients who are severely affected need to take the medication for even a year, to ensure the bacterium is deactivated. The drugs are sweltering and hence a healthy diet is mandatory. Most of the times hospitalization happens for TB treatment. It is important to stick to the medicines continuously. When you skip them in the middle, you will be required to start them from the very beginning. When you miss a shot, the bacterium may be activated again. When it returns, it comes with new power, which is difficult to treat and cure.