Amazing Health Benefits of Yellow Mustard

This spicy and aromatic yellow mustard is less popular as compared to its family members like black mustard and dark brown mustard. Including yellow mustard provides you several health benefits. You might be not aware with the health benefits of yellow mustard as it is less popular. There are three types of mustard available around the world and that are yellow mustard, black mustard and dark brown mustard. Yellow mustard basically consumed in America while dark brown and black mustard is consumed in India. Yellow mustard basically used to make tangy sauce as it is used to add flavor in food items. There are several benefits of including yellow mustard in your regular meal plans. To get these benefits one can consume yellow mustard as seed, whole, oil or sauce. Yellow mustard contains several essential nutrients that are responsible for well functioning of your body.

Raise metabolic rate: Yellow mustard seeds have ability to raise metabolic rate of your body that means yellow mustard seeds are not good for your body but these are also beneficial for your digestive system as it makes it easy to digest all kind of food items. Thus you can say that yellow mustard is a good choice for those who want to control and maintain their healthy body weight.

Best source of essential nutrients: Yellow mustard is a powerhouse of several essential nutrients as it contains Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, magnesium, selenium, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and zinc etc. So, yellow mustard is a best source to get all essential nutrients that are not only important for a healthy body but also important for the well functioning of your body.

Prevent rheumatoid arthritis: As yellow mustard is a good source of magnesium and selenium and so these nutrients prevent rheumatoid arthritis. Besides this its anti-inflammatory properties also reduce the risk of asthma. A magnesium nutrient present in yellow mustard is responsible to reduce high blood pressure of a person.

Contain low calories: One of the amazing benefits of yellow mustard is that it is good for weight watchers as it contains very few calories. As it is low calories dressing one can use it instead of high calories and high carbohydrates, high sugar dressing. Instead of other ketchup and mayonnaise this yellow mustard is an ideal choice to include as low calories dressing.

Prevent Alzheimer’s disease: In the recent studies it is proven that anti-inflammatory compounds present in yellow mustard prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Yellow mustard seeds are rich in antioxidants and have antiseptic properties thus consuming yellow mustard is useful for your body and keeps you fit and fine for years.

These are some of the health benefits of consuming yellow mustard but remember that these benefits are mentioned here after a scientific research. One should consume yellow mustard in moderation otherwise it can increase the level of heat in your body. One should be careful about using yellow mustard sauce as it is high in sodium and people who are suffering with high blood pressure problem should stay away to consume marketed yellow mustard sauce. However they can make their own sauce by adding salt in small amount. One can make this sauce by crushing yellow mustard seeds and the make a paste by adding vinegar in small amount and grind it. You can also add black pepper powder garlic, ginger and paprika in this paste for better taste.

One can consume this sauce along with burger, sandwich, hot hog or any of the food items. Consuming yellow mustard in moderate amount delivers you wonderful health benefits. Thus everyone should consume it as sauce, seeds or whole to enjoy its amazing health benefits.