Baldness in Men and its Treatments

Today, there are so many men around the world who are affected by the problem of baldness due to hair loss. Even though male baldness (androgenetic alopecia)are the main reasons for the maximum occurrences of man hair loss, but still there are some other causes which result in this problem in man. As per the Association of the American Hair Loss, around 2/3rd of males get affected by the hair loss as soon as they reach the age of 35 years. At the age of 50, around 80% of men get to suffer from hair thinning and hair loss.

However there are several causes for the men losing the hair, still, you get lots of options accessible to cope with this problem.

Causes of Baldness in Men

The reason behind the baldness in men varies from person to person. One of the most common causes is genetics. Once you know the problem is due to genetics you can easily cure it with the right treatment.
Baldness in men is a genetic disorder which might begin at the time of puberty or as you grow older. It happens slowly and in foreseeable patterns, influencing the forward-facing of the central region of the scalp and temples.

Below you can find out the most common reasons for the baldness in men:

Infections on scalp

Infections like ringworm might attack the skin and hair off your scalp. As soon as this occurs, it may result in the flaking patches and baldness.

Hormonal changes

The imbalances in our hormone levels might result in the short-term hair loss. The males who suffer from the problem of the thyroid are most probable to the hair loss owing to hormonal fluctuations.

Patchy hair loss

The patchy hair loss is also called alopecia areata which happens once the immune system of your body outbreaks hair follicles. The outbreak results in the unexpected and fast hair loss which leaves round, smooth, and patchy skin.

Skin disorders

Ailments like lupus and psoriasis might lead to the long-lasting hair loss inside the damaged parts.

Hair-pulling syndrome

It makes the persons have an enticing desire to extract their hair. The individual will tweak hair from the eyebrows, scalp or body parts.


Some medicines might cause a consequence of baldness.

Besides the above reasons, there are some less common reasons for baldness such as:

Radiation treatment

The man receiving some kind of radiation treatment nearby the area of scalp then the hair might decrease and grow in some other way.

Hairstyles or treatments

Making hair style or having some treatment to look stylish can also result in the baldness.

Normal triggers

Life-threatening shock or anxiety might lead to the hair loss. The thinning of the hair will decrease as soon as the triggering incident is finished.

Prevention and treatment of baldness in men

The following are the prevention tips for avoiding and slowing down the process of the baldness in men:

• Try to use the comb with the wide tooth and the broader spaces among the bristles to avoid hair loss.
• Consume a balanced diet that helps in good hair growth
• Don’t use the severe treatments on the hair for styling purposes
• Substituting medicines to evade the consequence of hair loss if probable
• Avoid the twisting or pulling of the hair

You should know that the baldness or the hair loss is not similar for everyone. If you still suffer from the baldness then follow the below treatment to overcome this problem:


Certain OTC medicines might benefit in the treatment of the baldness. These usually originate in the form of topical creams or foams. One of the most common drugs is finasteride (Propecia) andminoxidil (Rogaine). Finasteride is utilized for curing the male baldness occurring on the middle and crown of the scalp. Similarly, the minoxidil functions to extend the hair follicle for a denser filament of hair to nurture.


Therapies for baldness include the mixtures of drugs, balms, ointments, as well as shampoos. You have to meet the specialists for the right therapy. There are lots of companies that provide special tenement for curing baldness in men.


The Hair transplant surgical treatment could be an appropriate cure for male baldness. The uprooting of hair functions for the males who are having the problem of baldness. The surgery of hair transplant includes eliminating hair follicles through the rear area of the scalp over which they are unaffected to DHT and inserting them over the scalp.

Laser combs

These are an innovative category of treatment for baldness which helps in the right growth of hair with the help of intense light stimulating hair follicles. Till now, it has delivered diverse results which might function in a right way with the combination of other types of treatments.

Wigs and hair pieces

In some circumstances, baldness might be enduring or long-standing and in a few cases, men may choose a non-medicinal method to cure the hair loss. Hair pieces and wigs provide a way to cover the area of hair loss. It increases the self-confidence in the men as well.

Few men might desire to search for advising services and some might pick a hairstyle which hides the baldness, like shaving the scalp. At times baldness might deliver a shocking effect on the self-confidence of a man and could result in sadness and abridged quality of life. In such as case, it is better to seek the treatment from the professional.