Benefits of Eating Bottle Gourd Vegetable

There are several amazing health benefits of eating bottle gourd vegetable. This vegetable is soft from inside and light green in color. The curved shape of this vegetable is responsible for the name of this vegetable. This nutritious vegetable is widely popular in India and China and African countries. Bottle gourd vegetable is widely used and consume in these countries and you will be surprise to know about the nutrients like vitamins and minerals of this vegetable. One can consume this healthy vegetable in liquid form after extracting the juice from it. If you want to get all the benefits of this vegetable then you just need to boil this vegetable and should not deep fried it in oil. There are plenty of health benefits of eating bottle gourd vegetable and some of those benefits are mentioned below in this article.

Bottle gourd vegetable plays a wonderful role to reduce the internal body heat of a person as it contains 96% of water. It does not matter how you eat this vegetable. Either you eat it in the form of juice or liquid or by cooking and making its vegetable. It raises the levels of water in your body and keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Regular consumption of bottle gourd vegetable improves your immunity power. Drinking one glass of fresh bottle gourd vegetable lowers high blood pressure levels and maintains cholesterol levels in your body.

Bottle gourd is a best vegetable for weight watchers. One who is trying hard to lose their weight can have this vegetable on daily basis. As it contains low calories this vegetable is an ideal food for those who want to shed away their extra kilos.

People who are suffering from diarrhea and facing problems in their digestive system should consume this vegetable in any form either it is cooked form of juice form. This vegetable works as body cleanser and helps in relieving inflamed liver.

One who is suffering from jaundice should have one serving of bottle gourd juice on daily basis. As it is easily digestible vegetable the patients who are suffering from jaundice must include this vegetable in their regular meal plans.

Bottle gourd vegetable is a best vegetable for summers as it is responsible for cooling your body. It plays a wonderful role to replenish the sodium levels of your body that we lost through sweating in summers.

Daily consumption of bottle gourd juice plays an ideal role to treat urinary disorders. Having one glass fresh bottle gourd juice helps to get rid of burning and painful sensation that cause high acidity of urine.

If someone is suffering from insomnia then this vegetable could be very beneficial for you. To treat sleeping disorders mix bottle gourd juice and sesame oil in equal amount and then massage on your scalp. This will definitely help to get best sleep.

Drinking one glass of fresh bottle gourd juice with adding little amount of salt on regular basis prevent several serious illnesses like diarrhea etc.

Consuming bottle gourd vegetable plays a wonderful role to cure several hair care problems like it can help with baldness.

Bottle gourd juice is also beneficial in treating kidney stones problem. It also boosts your energy levels.

This vegetable is really beneficial for you to treat several illnesses if consume in moderate amount. Too much consumption of bottle gourd vegetable can cause mouth ulcers. There are several ways to prepare this wonderful vegetable. One can also make soup or gravy with this vegetable. To take these entire benefits one should include this vegetable in their meal plans on regular basis.