Benefits of Yoga for Breast Cancer

Yoga is the system of exercises helps to control body and mind, precisely yoga helps to freshen up and alleviates your body. When we look in past, we found Yoga is a proficient way to make your body and soul peaceful. There are lots of asana which ameliorates the mind and body. At present, yoga is found as the backbone to treat kinds of diseases. It is a positive track for those who are suffering from severe health conditions like cancer.

Cancer are of many kind such as lung cancer, bone cancer, blood cancers etc; but breast cancer is commonly found in number of women. As per records, 1 woman out of eight is impacted with breast cancer. It is spreading in speed and can found at 20yrs to 50 or 60yrs age of women. If not treated at right time it can cause death also.

Treatment of cancer includes chemotherapy, surgery, hormone replacement therapy, radiation therapy etc. It requires the treatment of chemotherapy drugs or radiation that controls the spread of cancer cells in the body.  The patient has to face various diagnoses and finally results add stress, irritation, and fatigue with improvement during the treatment. Women suffer mentally a lot during the treatment; increases level of fatigue and depression, loss in sleeping quality, anxiety etc.

Yoga is the only source to egress yourself from the negativity.  This article makes you know why yoga is helpful. Yoga is for everybody, one who wants to heal is mind and body can practice yoga; many doctors also prefer that yoga will be able to control blood pressure, heart rate, metabolism and physical functions. Some benefits:

Manage both physical and psychological difficulty – During the period of diagnosis, the patient is in a state of great disturbance; at this time of turmoil Yoga will help you to improve. Regular practice of yoga generates inner peace in mind that helps to cope up with stress. Meditation is the best way to deal with it. It is the most important and beneficial part of yoga which provides ease to cancer patients. For physical control of body, there are many others easy relaxing poses and stretching exercises like kundalini yoga which able to reduce body pain. Remember, beginners of yoga must start with easy poses.

Regulates Stress hormone – Stress or depression is the most terrible part during the treatment. Each patient has gone through with stress and gets irritated and depressed very easily. Yoga is the great supporter to regulate stress hormone. Practice breathing exercises or meditation make a control on stress hormone of the body. As doctors believe that yoga is a magical spell to relieve yourself but this magical spell brings result when it is practised regularly. Patients who done regular practice of yoga shown up with great results as their stress hormones starts balanced.

Improves Sleeping Quality and Level of Depression – Cancer patients go through with long time treatment having lots of medicines and diagnosis which slowly cuts down their sleeping quality and increases their level of depression.  Basic yoga training will give a better result. Many studies prove that the patients who give some time to yoga and meditation have good results. Tibetan yoga is one of the yoga with simple movements helps to improve sleeping quality; it includes meditation and breathing exercises which have many other benefits.

Reduces cortisol level and fatigue– Most of the breast cancer patients have fatigue and cortisol problem which is attached to them. Cortisol can be defined as physical measure of stress. During recovery phase of cancer, patients have to face with higher level of fatigue like weakness, pain in muscles etc. Stretching exercises, isometric yoga helps to reduce the level of cortisol and fatigue. Regular practise of stretching exercises and other relaxing poses of yoga, study says those patients feel more energetic and these exercises increase the metabolism of the body. Daily yoga training for few minutes; helps to reduce anxiety and cholesterol level also.

Note, do consult your doctor or yoga trainer before practicing it. Do not go for hard yoga poses in beginning; start with easy ones. Above, there is little suggestion about benefits of yoga.  Practising yoga is not only good for health as well as it recovers the health after cancer treatment and also reduces the chances of diseases. It is doctors believe that yoga outcome improves the lifestyle and health of cancer survivors.

Women who are fighting with the breast cancer will able to aloft their health very soon. Yoga enhances your confidence to believe in yourself and believe in living a healthy life.