Best healthy Liquid Diet for Weight Loss

Find here about the various liquid diets, and which you should choose to obtain maximum results. Do you want to get the perfect plan for weight loss? Your goal may be anything, to reach size zero, or to shed just 5 to 10 pounds or even to bring down the size of waist. However, finding a perfect plan is something impossible, because no perfect plan exists.

You can lose weight faster if you know what the techniques to be employed are. The liquid diet plans allure one because of the rapid results. If you want to lose weight seriously, then you should consider these diets. You can find the best liquid diet plans listed here, and these are apt for weight loss.

What should you think about?

Liquid diets are abundant and you can find them varying in different manners. The common factor is you get the required calories, which can help you burn the fat existing in the body, are got from liquid foods and you do not take any solid foods. A few diets replace liquid foods for all the three meals of the day, a few may do it for 2 meals, and few other would replace liquid food sources for a meal per day. While few can be taken by yourself, a few mandatorily requires medical practitioner’s or a nutritionist’s supervision.

When liquid diets are followed, the calorie intake is much restricted. As a result, for the daily activities, the body burns the extra calories and fats. This eventually results in bringing the weight down. But, you should remember that the results of weight loss got from liquid diets do not stay long. This is because consuming solid foods can add to the calories.  When you go back to the solid foods the weight is acquired back. You cannot rely on the liquid diets to lose weight permanently.

Liquid diets cannot be constituted for more than a week. If you do so, you get loads of health issues. You may feel dizzy, weak, dull skin, fatigue, loss of hair, heart disorders and gall stones. So, there is much more to worry about other than getting the lost weight back faster. When you deny fiber to the body, which usually happens when you go for liquid diets, constipation occurs and your rate of metabolism is also greatly brought down.

The lack of nutrients due to consuming liquid diets can lead to absorption of nutrients from muscle mass, which means the muscles can be dropped. So incorporate a moderate exercise plan when you go for the liquid diet plan.

You cannot take liquid diet after a specified period, which should not last more than 7 days. When you have completed the course, you should move towards regular diet, but remember that it should be properly planned. This is to ensure that no health hazards crop up. Check with a nutritionist or a dietician about the plans, and if you are eligible for taking liquid diets.

Different Liquid Diets:


You can never rule out water from any diet program, be it solid or liquid. It is an integral part of all the diet plans. Water is responsible for detoxifying the body by flushing out the wastes, chemicals and toxins stored in the body. So all the diet plans advise to take water about 8 to 10 glasses per day. However, you cannot rely only on water in any diet plan. This is because, you never get nutrients from water. Though the benefits of water beget it the name of elixir available to all humans, never consider it to be your sole diet for weight loss. It aids in weight loss, so you need to take it in adequate amount to trigger loss of weight.


Fresh vegetable and fruit juices are always important component of all diet plans, and especially the liquid diet plans. The best juices are carrot and beetroot juices. You can take all kinds of juices to lose weight. They detoxify the body and also provide the required nutrients. Also, you can feel energetic. When you take juices, always get organic veggies and fruits to enjoy maximum benefits. Do not take packed juices. They are sugar filled and rich in calories. The preservatives can harm your health. So, make fresh juices at home. Regardless of the benefits remember that the whole fruits are more beneficial than the juices.

Meal replacement   products:

Major popular diet companies have come up with meal replacement products. They are in powder form. They contain the required calories for the day. They keep you full and you need not worry out over indulging. They are packed products, so you need to check about shelf stability and the added preservatives. You get all nutrients and still can lose weight. But, exercises should be done for better results.

Lemon Juice Diet:

Lemon juice is known for its detoxifying properties. It has many health benefits. But it cannot be a sole diet for weight loss. You can take it as a part of your diet plan, as it acts as a catalyst for weight loss. Lemon juice if taken in a concentrated form can destroy the lining of the digestive system, causing ulcers. So, do not trust it as a sole food for diet loss.

When you have decided to go for liquid weight loss diets, then consult with your doctor. If you are a lactating mother, diabetic, or have any other medical conditions, then these liquid diets are not for you.