Best Ways to Cope With Anxiety

Why do we become anxious? Simple, the body gets ready for something that is not completely revealed to us. For instance, when you expect someone, say a blind date, when there is an unknown threat, somebody has not come back home after a long time, or such things. But, there are circumstances we become anxious for what other think to be trivial. This is high time to start analyzing why people around you consider it silly, and why you go about giving too much of importance of such things. This is because you are abnormally anxious.

No Life is Too Perfect- An Important Factor to Understand:

When you want to be happy, you need to understand that perfection is not a destination, but a journey. This implies that nothing is perfect. What makes life more challenging and surprising is the imperfection. Do not like to accept it? Then continue reading.

Your life is not yours always. You are dependent on others, say your kids, spouse, pet and even your boss for all emotional happiness. So, it is not always possible to get all you want to happen. Your day is full of your plans. You would like to enjoy the weekend with a movie, but your kids may like a picnic. Your husband or wife would be looking for something else. When you want to eat out on a weekday, your spouse would be held at work. Your pet would not mind going out when you want it to sit just next to you.

When you are abnormally anxious, you would start thinking if your kids are indulging in social activities that are not desirable, or if your spouse is having extra marital relations, or if your pet does not care for you anymore. You would indulge in self pity and would start thinking if it’s the same kid, who showered you with gifts during your b’day, or if the same spouse took you to your favorite vacation spot.

This is where you should stop going for emotional support and rather start supporting your family. Why don’t you enjoy the picnic with your kids and spend time them, instead of insisting on a movie. You can enjoy watching them play and fish in the lakeside. You can also get to know what they are much interested in. Again, you can hug your spouse when he or she gets back from work late, offer a cup of coffee or tea. Take for a massage, and spend happy hours together. This is how you can let know your spouse how you care for him or her. Also, this is the way to make them listen to you. If you want your family to give you what you like, you should also be able to give them what they like. Disclose everything and let them get closer to you in terms of physical and emotional relationship and all the misunderstandings will bid a bye.

Go for a pet:

When you are too anxious about so many things, and if you are not allergic to pets and if you do not have any phobia, then go for pets. You will surely agree that when your dog wags his tail, you will forget most of your problems.

Is there a tree for you?

This really happened. When a man was questioned why he had to spend a few minutes before he entered his house each day after work, his reply was mind-blowing. He said that he was hanging all his worries, anxieties and fears that arise at work on the tree. So, he can meet his family with joy and happiness. Next day, for him all the problems become a child’s play.

Share your worries:

Have you heard the saying, sharing of joys multiply them, while sharing your sorrows divides them? It is quite true. Do not hesitate to pour your heart out to your friends or someone who can listen and understand you. Do you think you cannot confide the secrets? Then never mind, talk to yourself. Stand in front of a mirror and talk to you or, you should write them out. You can heave a sigh of relief and feel your heart is lighter when you do these. A vent to your sorrows, anxiety and thoughts can actually feel you better.

Divert Your Energies:

Anxiety is does not only affect your mind, but also your health. This leads to production of adrenaline, which leads to your fight for survival. As a result, you would perspire, feel dizzy and restless. You should not concentrate on what leads to your anxiety, but instead, you should concentrate on things that help you to fight your anxiety.

Negate Anxiety:

Any of these means you know that these feelings are things that you should not have in mind. On the contrary when you welcome the thoughts, they become yet another thought of your mind, like your desire or wish.

When you worry that your job would be lost, then you would start fighting with this anxiety. One part would say that you would lose your job and the other would say you would not be sacked. On the contrary when you welcome this, you will understand that even if your job is no more for you, you can still find multiple opportunities. The world has open doors for those who are ready to make opportunities work for them. Turn the negative thoughts into positive and you will find they work.