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Bimatoprost – Eye Drop to Treat Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease that can harm your visual nerve and can be worse with the time if not treated on time. This type of eye disease is very common and is mostly found in old people and can hurt your eye so badly that you may lose your eye sight and turn your life towards blindness. Liquid pressure inside the eye can cause Glaucoma. Mainly two types of glaucoma exist: 1) Open and 2) Closed angle glaucoma. By inserting 2 drops of Bimatoprost in every day give relief from glaucoma and shows great improvement in the eye lashes.

How to Use Bimatoprost?

It is very simple to insert drops of Bimatoprost into your eyes. No matter your eye is infected from glaucoma or hypotrichosis; these eye drops are really good for your eyes and works like a coolant. Never insert more than two drops of the medication as it is recommended by doctors to use it under the supervision of the physician. Just put two drops of Bimatoprost into the infected eye and close your eyes for few minutes. Do not run away in the dusty environment after putting the eye drop. Thus it is mandatory to use cheap bimatoprost eye drop in the night or evening time. If you are using these drops regularly and still not getting the results please consult the doctor before increasing the drops of your own.

Take proper precautions before using it. Your hand should be clean and the dropper should be clean and do not touch the dropper’s head with your fingers. Safety is mandatory to use every medication otherwise you may get bad results of the medications.

Side Effects of Bimatprost Eye Drops:

Side effects of Bimatoprost are quite general but we cannot ignore them as they may hurt you if any of the side effects lasts for long time. Here you will find few side effects of this eye drop that are very common. These are:

  1. Eye Redness
  2. You feel like vision color changed after inserting the drops.
  3. More Eye Wetness
  4. Sometimes feel dryness in the eyes.
  5. Eye stinging

People can feel these common side effects after putting Bimatoprost in the infected eyes. These listed side effects are not permanent and can be disappear in sometime. But it is mandatory to consult with the doctor if you feel not well after using Bimatoprost.

Precautions and Warnings:

Every medication has some precautions and warnings so as with Bimatoprost eye drops.

1)      Take medical advice before using eye drops if you are fresher to use Bimatoprost.

2)      Wash your eyes well before inserting the drops and do not simply get back to work after inserting the medication. Take 5 minutes to get back to work.

3)      Do not wear lenses just after the usage of the drug and wear them at least after the 15 minutes of the usage of the eye drop.

4)      Pregnant women should not use this eye care remedy without the prior consultation and also keep this medication away from the reach of the children.


In case you have used bimatoprost drops in excess then please run to take medical advice as soon as possible and never put more than 2 drops in a day.

Check for the expiry date of the bimatoprost and in case the medication has expired then dispose it gently so that no one can use this again.

Where to Buy Bimatoprost Online:

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