Body Toning Exercises

I am pretty sure that there is no person in this world who wants a flabby body or is content having one. Everyone wants to be as muscular as possible. Developing a six pack, powerful biceps and broad shoulders are some of the reasons why people take to body building. This is the reason why topless photos of Arnold Shwarzenegger and Silvestre Stallone sell like hot pancakes. Everyone wants a body like theirs and their posters stuck to the back of their doors inspire people to work out every morning. There is another group of people who exercise just to lose weight and look fit. They have no aspirations of growing muscles; their only wish is to lose their excess fat which they have been carrying for a long time. This group mainly consists of the obese and the overweight people who are not bothered about conditioning their muscles and just want to shed weight.

Body toning exercises not only condition the body but also keep all the health related problems away. The best way to gain muscle tone is by adding some resistance to the body, this can be done by dumbbells and even bodyweight. The muscles of the body will grow while working against this resistance.

Exercises to do at your Desk

People have started living very unhealthy lives now days. This is why obesity has spread all over the world, which makes the world a very funny place to live in as earlier, when it was underdeveloped people were dying of starvation and now that it has been fully developed people are dying of weight related issues. Everything today, is being done with the help of computers; the working class spends about eight hours in a day in front of the computer screen, sitting in their chair the whole while. This makes for a very unhealthy lifestyle. This, on the whole, decreases the working efficiency of n individual and thus, turns him into a liability for his company. This neither benefits the individual nor the company he is working for. The only way this situation can be improved is by finding time for some exercises that can be done sitting at the desk without further decreasing the efficiency of the individual. If it is that kind of exercises you are looking for, then look no further because this article will provide you with all the office bases exercise that you will need to stay fresh.

Surprisingly, there are a whole range of exercises that can be done at the office, maintaining the decorum of the office. The best part about them is that they don’t take more than a few minutes of your time and leave you totally rejuvenated. You can start off by doing some aerobic exercises and then add some strength exercises later on. Start the routine by doing some jumping jacks for a minute. Try touching your left toe and also see to it that your right foot never leaves the ground while you are doing this. Another great exercise that can be done without getting up from our seat is the marching drill which requires you to march on the spot while sitting. Ensure that your knees are rising up properly while doing this drill. The jump rope is also another exercise which you can do while sitting on one place all the time.

Keep on alternating your feet all the time. You can also make your hand movements accordingly. Another great and weird looking exercise that can be done in the seated position is, well it has no name. It is done by raising your hand in the air for thirty seconds and stomping your feet at the same time. Do not waste any time even while you are going to the restroom, make sure that you are doing walking lunges on the way to the bathroom. It might look very funny but it is very beneficial too. Make sure that you use the steps instead of the lift as this will help in the blood circulation. Studies show that, if a person uses the lift five times in a day, then his blood circulation is set for the whole day.

Stretching at regular intervals also helps a lot. It makes sure that none of your muscles stay rigid and that result in you avoiding cramps and muscle injuries. Stretching your neck at regular interval insures that our neck is always flexible and also keeps you away from neck pain which you may experience because of sitting in position for a very long time.

It also help in keeping your blood clean. If a mixture of all these exercises is done regularly, then there is no reason for you to not feel happy and energetic while doing your work.