Causes and Symptoms of Kidney Stones in Women

The primary function of kidney is that it removes waste material from your body through urine. Kidneys work as filter in your body and responsible for remove waste material. The problem of kidney stones in women is most mostly similar to men.  Kidney stones can be small as well as big. If kidney stones are small then they can pass through urine without discomforting you. But if you have big stones then they produce serious pain. In the studies it is found that the happening of kidney stones in women is less than men. There are several reasons of having kidney stones in women. Here we have mentioned some basic causes of kidney stones in women.

Causes of kidney stones: The causes of kidney stones in women are mentioned below.
Dehydration: One of the main causes of kidney stones in women is dehydration. Consuming lesser amount of water leads to kidney stones. Due to dehydration your kidney are unable to throw out calcium salts from your body. Consuming high amount of vitamin D, metabolic disorders etc. are some common factors that are responsible of establishment of kidney stones in women.
Genetic factors: Some health experts suggest that genetic factors can also play a wonderful role in kidney stones. High concentration of amino acids in the urine also causes kidney stones in women. So, you can say that genetic factors are also responsible in developing kidney stones in women.
Uric acid stones: These stones can be seen in the urine. There are maximum chances of having this problem in those women who are on high protein diet or suffering from chronic dehydration. Disorder of the blood producing tissues is also responsible for producing uric acid stones.
Dietary habits: Consuming high sodium, high amount of vitamin D, calcium and high amount of sugar cause kidney stones. If you consume such foods items in high amount put more pressure on your kidneys and this more pressure is responsible in developing kidney stones in women.
Symptoms of kidney stones in women: Below we have mentioned some symptoms that indicate the presence of kidney stones.
Painful urination: Most common symptom of kidney stones is painful urination. In this symptom one feels the extreme pain during urination.
Frequent urination: Frequent urination is also the most common symptom of kidney stones. When the stone gets stuck inside the ureter and pushes against the wall of ureter.
Lower back pain: Lower back pain is also the most common symptom of kidney stones in women. Pain in the lower abdomen and the back confuse the women as they experience the same pain during period. At the other hand big sized kidney stones block the ureter which results muscle spasms. One can experience this pain in lower abdomen and groin area. This is also called renal colic and most women compare this pain with the pain of during childbirth.
Fever: Sometimes kidney stones can infection and one may suffer from fever. This fever can come with coldness. Due to infections kidney stones blocks the passage of urine and in results it causes irritation in the urinary tract.
Vomiting and nausea: One can experience vomiting and nausea due to kidney stones. This problem may occur due to infections and someone may experience several other problems due to infection.
Blood in urine: Another most important symptom of kidney stones is coming blood in urine. Some people who are having kidney stones can pass foul smelly urine as this can be the symptom of blocked ureter.
Burning sensation during urination: One may experience the burning sensation during urination. This is also a main symptom of kidney stones.
These are some of the basic causes and symptoms of kidney stones in women. One should get immediate treatment after detecting kidney stones otherwise they can make your condition worsen than ever. One should drink plenty of water every day and should focus on healthy food items. Have a healthy tomorrow.