Causes and Treatment of Childhood Obesity

More than 40% of the children are suffering with this problem. Obesity is such a serious health problem that affects your health completely and you may suffer with serious health problems. There is no doubt in it that overeating leads obesity but this is not an only factor. There are several other factors are also behind this problem like lifestyle, eating too much fast food. If you are obese then you are inviting several diseases.

Childhood obesity is one of the leading health problems in children and parents have no idea about to deal with this serious health problem. Obesity also leads several health problems like depression, body weight issues, heart problem, snoring etc. Many parents put their children on medication to treat with all these problems. It is not a healthy choice at all to give them lots of medications because medications make you feel very low. In this article we will discuss about the causes and treatment of childhood obesity.

Causes of Obesity: There are several causes of childhood obesity and some of them are listed below.

Lack of exercises: Nowadays children like to spend their more and more time at home. To spend their time they play lots of video games, watch TV and sleep. They do not burn any calories and gain from their foods that they eat every day. This is one of the almost obvious causes of obesity.

Bad eating habits: Bad eating habits are also cause obesity problems in children. These days everyone is busy with their life and do not enough time to prepare something healthy. So, they go for outside meals and everyone knows that outside meals are not healthy. Children prefer pizzas, burger and cold drinks instead of fruit salad and fruit juice. All these junk foods lead to excessive weight gain and weight gain leads to obesity. Nowadays children are also very demanding and parents want to fulfill every desire of their children but behind it they are responsible of this condition of their children.

Snacking all the time: Children do not go for healthy snacks and they choose snacks on the base of taste. They choose burgers and pizzas over smoothies, sliced fruits and vegetables sandwiches etc. These snacks are high in calories and fats which lead to weight gain and weight gain leads to obesity.

Other causes: Family background is also another factor that plays an important role in obesity. If parents and obese then there are 80% chances that children will also become obese. So, you can say that genetic factor also plays an important role in any kind of health problem either it is obesity or diabetes.

 Treatment of Obesity: Treatment of childhood obesity is listed below.

Changing in lifestyle: Best treatment of childhood obesity is that children should involve in physical activities instead of playing games at home or watching TV. Encourage your children to participate in sports like volleyball, basketball, badminton etc. Take your children along with you for jogging, running and swimming. All these physical activities play an important role to prevent your children from obesity.

Improve eating habits: Improvement in eating habits is also important when it comes to treat obesity. Divert your children’s mind towards healthy foods. Include vegetables, fruits, and dairy products in their meal plan to prevent obesity. Good eating habits not only important to treat childhood obesity but healthy eating also prevent you several problems and maintain your overall health.

Medical treatment: If your child is suffering with any kind of disease along with obesity then you must go for medical treatment. For example if your child is suffering with asthma along with obesity then it is best option to go for your doctor. Follow doctor’s advice and do as he says.

These are some causes and treatments of childhood obesity and along with this you have to understand that how to handle such problems in the near future. Apart from this entire if your children suffer from any kind of disease in the future be there as a friend not as parents. Love your children a lot and share some good jokes with them. In between guide them about how to lose weight and how to live a healthy life.

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