Climbing exercises

Everyone has seen Tom Cruise hanging from the cliff of one of the mountains in Utah. The elegance and style with which he climbs the mountain makes us also want to try it. The adrenalin rush that one gets during rock climbing cannot be replicated by any drug in this world. Every year thousands of mountaineers climb the tallest peaks in the world.  The Mount Everest has become a very popular tourist spot because of these mountain climbing enthusiasts. This is because rock climbing involves a lot of excitement and is overall, an activity filled with fun.

But not all things about mountain climbing are good. There have been numerous accidents, most of them are fatal. Not only that, mountain climbing can be extremely taxing on the body. If you go for mountain or rock climbing, then you have to ensure that you are totally fit and free form injuries. If you are not fit and do not take proper precautions, you will end up wasting all your energy and pick up a serious muscle injury. It is a very tough exercise which requires a lot of strength and stamina which is not found in many people. Thus, it is imperative that you become physically and mentally prepared to go for rock climbing some months before the actual trip. In this case, you can either hit the gym or do some exercises which can be easily done perform in the comfort of your home.

Pull ups are supposed to be the most important exercise when it comes to rock climbing and the fact the only thing we require for pull ups is an overhead bar which can be found at any local park makes it an exercise which costs nothing. In this case you have catch hold of the overhead bar and pull yourself up, make sure that your chin goes over the bar and then come down slowly. This exercise works better when there is some distance between the ground and your feet. Ensure that the distance between your hands when you catch the bar is a little more than the width of your shoulders. This exercise will improve your upper body strength by leap and bounds. You should do about twenty to thirty pull ups for three to five days in a week.

Doing abdominal crunches is also a very good way for getting fit for climbing. In this exercise, you have to lie on the ground and bend your knees at ninety degrees and try to lift your upper body and try to get it as close to the knees as you can. When you have risen your upper body to the highest limit, hold that position for two seconds, exhale and then come down again. Two about three or four sets of this exercise and do it for about five times a week.

Another exercise which is very beneficial for rock climbing is the leg lift. You will be requiring a hang board for this exercise. Catch hold of the hang board and while you are hanging, try to lift your legs up without bending them and then slowly get back to your first position. Keep taking breaks after every set and do three sets of this exercise. If you are not able to do it with straight legs then do it by bending your legs in the start.

All the exercises that have been mentioned above will help you tremendously in getting fit for mountain climbing. This sport will test your endurance and mental strength like no other sport can. You have to be ready for any challenge it has to offer because the satisfaction that you will get after reaching the peak is unlike any other experience you have ever had in your life.