Cyclosporine and its Medical Effects

The medicine, Cyclosporine is an eye medicine which is from the group of drugs known as immuno modulators. It is mainly used in the treatment of eye irritation as it raises the production of tears to those who are suffering with dry eye ailment. It reduces the swelling in eye in order to make production of tears. Actually, Cyclosporine ophthalmic is in the form of liquid solution used for eyes and is not like other drugs. You can apply it two times with a gap of minimum 12 hours in each application. You need to apply at the exact time everyday to achieve best results. And the way to apply can be known from the instructions available in the leaflet. In case if you are confused, then you can take the advice of your physician, and make use according to prescription and not lea nor more in quantity. You find Cyclosporine eye medicine in small bottles which is suitable at a time as a single dose. When you use a bottle, you have to use it in both the eyes at once and discard the bottle after use.

It is very easy to use Cyclosporine eye medicine as it is liquid and easy to apply to the eyes. This drug should be used twice in a day divided equally into two parts like, 12 hour format. It treats the problem in a fast way if you maintain the same timings. You can get all the details of applying from the instructions in the leaflet and if any doubt can consult your doctor for advice. Use the medicine according to directions of usage as it is the matter of eyes. You get this eyedrops in single dose bottles and must be used right away in both eyes after opening it.

There are certain things you need to know before using Cyclosporine. You need to keep your hands clean before touching the bottle as it is eye medicine which needs a lot of care in every possible way. Rotate the bottle for a few minutes till the solution comes out. And now open it and with your effort, pour the drops in your eyes before a mirror. Directly pour into the eyes without touching it as a single touch may infect the contents of the solution.

When using it into the eyes, slant your head on the back side, look straight to the upper side and pour it straight into your eyes in the form of equal drops. Use only the suggested number of drops mentioned in the prescription. If you keep the drops on the exterior side of the eyeball, then you may feel itching. Therefore close your eyes for a maximum of 3 minutes to let the drug stay in the eye for certain time. But don’t sputter your eyes as it may not affect.

Suppose, if you are using the medicine for both the eyes, you need to repeat it every 12 hours. And clean the extra solution with a tissue that pours down your cheek.After using the bottle, discard it and wash your hands once more.
The safety measures to follow while using Cyclosporine is that: Initially, let your physician know your response to Cyclosporine or other drugs before using them. Let them know about prescribed and non-prescribed medicines, nutritional supplements, vitamins and other herbal products which you are using till date. If you are using synthetic tear solutions then use Cyclosporine 15 minutes before or after use of it.

In case if you are going through any eye infection or if you had a onetime plug in your eye or had herpes contagionin the eye then inform your doctor about it. If you are planning to have a baby or breast feeding the infant, then inform your physician bout your plans.

And the most important thing to know about is that never use any of the eye drops is that never use when you wear contact lenses. If you are wearing them, then take out and apply these eye drops and wait for 15 minutes. Even though you have any doubts, then about use of lenses then you can discuss with the doctor as wearing lenses can cause dry eye ailment.

Side effects of the medicine

As you know every medicine has its own side effects and in case of Cyclopsorine, it has minor side effects but you need to have some knowledge about it. If you have any symptoms like red eyes, pain in eyes, itching, flaming, eye discharge, stinging or other vision problems then inform your doctor at once about the side effects caused by Cyclosporine.The mentioned side effects are not as full as others are not mentioned. But side effects should be treated immediately with proper medical suggestions.

Storage of medicine

It is more important to store medicines in a safe way as lack of storage may spoil them completely. And Cyclosporine eye drops requires storage in suitable environment as its storage tips are:

It should be stored in room temperature which is not too cold, hot or other extreme conditions that damages the medicine. Keep it away from moisture and heat and never store in unhygienic condition as it is not the right place.Keep the bottle straight and in a right position and away from children’s reach.

Check the expiry date before using it and if the date is expired then discard immediately. If not able to find the way to dispose then consult your physician as you get proper guidance through them. Therefore follow storage tips in a strict way.