Cyclosporine – Everything you want to Know

World is afflicted with various types of eye problems nowadays. Protecting eyes from hazards is very important as they are source of seeing this beautiful world. Amongst the various eye problem the most common one that is largely making waves is Dry Eye problem. Dry eye syndrome causes lack of lubrication in eyes that leads to irritation and swelling in eyes and become a grave problem if not treated shortly. The problem of dry eyes can be eradicated with the use of the drug Cyclosporine.  Cyclosporine is a popular name world over for the treatment of dry eye problem. Eyes regain moisture again. This drug is very effective as well as safe too. Immunomodulators is the class to which Cyclosporine belongs to. This drug is a liquid solution. The use of Cyclosporine is done to relieve eyes from dry eye syndrome. It is a prescription medicine for this problem. It’s well known Cyclosporine greatly works over the dryness problem in eyes but how it does so is equally important to be known. Find its answer here. Cyclosporine produces tears in eyes and tear production further leads to treating of dry eye problem. Production of tears by the drug also diminishes the chances of corneal damage. Following this procedure Cyclosporine gives relief from dry eyes problem. Treating dry eyes is not a short time task. It takes long time. The treatment of Cyclosporine can be prescribed for as long as six months or more. Follow the prescription and take the drug exactly as prescribed. The drug is required to be taken twice in 24 hours. For fast and safe results take the drug regularly as proposed.


The best way to treat Dry eye problem is to follow the treatment process appropriately. Mainly it includes dosing instructions. Dosing tips are should be complied exactly as suggested by your physician. Standard dosing instruction suggested by physicians is to use Cyclosporine two times in a day. When prescribed to use twice pour drops making a gap of 12 hours. Number of drops should be poured exactly as offered. One thing to be sure about while using the drug is that hands should be clean and washed. It’s must to take precautions with eye medicines. The dropper tip should not be touched anyway. While pouring drops tilt the head back, face should be facing upward; the bottle should be hold right above the eyes and pour required number of drops. Remain the eyes closed for little time. Follow all the dosing instructions accurately and get relief from dry disease problem fast.

Side Effects

Clinical trials speak very less of Cyclosporine side effects. This is this drug’s most positive part. People taking Cyclosporine suffer from its adverse effects very rarely. But Cyclosporine is not devoid of common nature of drugs. It also shows side effects at certain intervals. But, for the most part it shows common effects only that do not affect health. They are very humble in manner and goes away in sometime on own without calling for any treatment. The names of those side effects are tear production in excess, vision changes, itching, redness in eyes, pain in eyes, etc. Intake of the drug should be kept usual on the occurrence of these symptoms. On the other hand, if any of these symptoms take long for vanishing see a doctor soon. Long stay of common side effects is not good and can affect eyes. For more info on side effects take help of your doctor.

Storage and Precautions

Good hygiene, care and storage are three essentials of every drug. Cyclosporine is also a drug for eye dryness problem and need to be given right and required storage facility. Not providing the drug with the same will spoil it soon. The foremost storage instruction speaks of right temperature. The most suitable temperature for Cyclosporine is room temperature of around 15 to 30 degree Celsius. Keep it away even from the shadow of temperatures that touch extremes like utmost hot, cold, dry and wet temperatures. Other environments that the drug cannot bear are heat, light and moisture. Cyclosporine cannot bear their presence and get spoil. The bottles of the drug should be stored in an air tight box. Store the box in coolest and safest place of the room. The drug should not be stored in kitchen and bathroom. Discard the drug as it get expire. These storage tips keep Cyclosporine at best and render it long life.

Precautions are like a shield under whose protection one is completely safe and treatment also takes a right direction. One should take a drug following all its precautions precisely. Cyclosporine also has set some precautions which makes its treatment a sure shot success. This drug should be taken under medical supervision only. Taking it without prescription can be harmful for the eyes. The drug should be avoided taking if allergic to it. If already using any other eye medicine inform your physician about them and then take Cyclosporine. A gap of five minutes should be maintained on usage of the other eye drug with Cyclosporine. Contact lenses wearer should use this drug 15 minutes prior using the lenses or 15 minutes later after taking out the lenses. Do not take the drug along with the lenses. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised to first take doctor’s permission before using Cyclosporine. Follow these precautionary steps with Cyclosporine for sure.