Depression – Diagnoses, Symptoms and Treatment

One of the commonly found mental problems found in every ne out of four adult at some stage to some degree. It is defined a medical sickness in mental health that causes unrelenting feeling such as sadness and certain decrease of interest in anything that surrounds a person. While sometimes when depression causes major physical symptoms it causes major depression.

The major depressive disorder and clinical depression are two such depressions that on the whole changes about how you think, feel and behave. Variety of emotional and physical problems is also a cause of depression. Sometimes, depression makes your life dull and makes it impossible to carry out life properly and it let you give a negative feeling about your life being not worth living.

It is not a weakness neither you can get out of it easily as it is a very severe disease. It is a unceasing illness that usually takes a long-term treatment which is similar to the treatment of disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Fortunately, there is nothing serious or severe to worry about the depression. People seeking for medication or other psychological treatment feel better with it while suffering from depression. If any five of the following symptoms are seen while seeking for the treatment then serious actions have to be taken.

  • If you have a depressed mood on large part of the day
  • A substantial dwindle of interest in most of your day to day activities
  • A significant change in weight or desire for food
  • Sleep disorder (insomnia or excessive sleep)
  • Psychomotor confrontation or retardation (impatience)
  • No energy feeling
  • continual tiredness
  • Feeling of insufficient, altruism, and low self-esteem
  • Reduction is ability to concentrate and giving clear thoughts
  • relentless thought of death or suicide or any thought of desire to die

Common symptoms of depression

It is very difficult to detect depression in a person from his outer appearance. Some of the key areas of your body where changes take place due to depression are as follows-

  1. Changes in sleep – in some forms of depression, a person may go through sleeping disorders and may find difficulty in sleeping. But the problem of sleeping disorder is not completely due to depression.
  2. Change in appetite – People suffering from depression may have a substantial change in their appetite as they prefer less food and other stuffs when they suffer from depression.
  3. Lack of concentration – the decrease in concentration of a person on particular things starts when they suffers from major depression. It is a pathetic state for them.
  4. Lack of interest – the person victim of depression may often show fewer interests in things around them and gradually start losing interests in it.
  5. Low self-esteem – a person suffering from depression may often suffer from low self esteem and may not be able to talk with others in a proper way.
  6. Helplessness and guilt factor – Helplessness accounts to be a very strong indication of depression which often forms a part of thoughts of a person suffering from depression but can never improve and the ultimate feeling leads them to thoughts of death and suicide.
  7. Movement changes – a person suffering from depression may look shaggy and bored, or he may even feel disconcerted with the environment.

Cause of depression

The real cause of depression is still hidden to its den. Some of the causes like mental illness and stress the other causes include-

  1. Biological differences – the person suffering from depression might be because of biological state of its brain. It is eventually uncertain to have depression due to improper state of mind of a person.
  2. Neurotransmitters – the brain makes some chemicals which is a prime factor for mood of a person, rightly contributes to the depression.
  3. Hormones – hormonal balance may results in cause of depression. The problems that are caused by hormonal change such as thyroid problems, menopause or a number of other unhealthy conditions.
  4. Inherited traits –. The condition of depression may be because of other family members may have it. So it may be because of transfer of genes that causes depression.
  5. Life events – death of a loved one, financial loss, breakups, failing in exams are some of the causes of depression that people suffers from.
  6. Any childhood trauma – childhood events of a child such as bullying, child abuse or loss of parents may also leads to symptoms of depression in a child to his youth.

Risk factors

The disease of depression normally develops in teens or young people, but can also happens at any age. Women suffer from depression more than men. It is more recommended to seek for the treatment of depression. There are no cause as such discovered, but some of the causes that lead to depression are as follows-

  • Have natal qualified suffering from problem of depression
  • a traumatic childhood could be a cause for  teen for depression
  • women as discussed are more prone to it
  • having depressed family members, friends and mates
  • a death of loved one could be a cause for depressions
  • Having very few friend or non-happening personal life
  • Recent pregnancy
  • Suffering from diseases such as health diseases of cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and blood pressure.
  • Facing a personal trial such as being overly dependent, low self-esteem, self-critical or gloomy
  • Being a drug addict or an alcoholic, or a chain smoker can have depression
  • Taking of medicines of high blood pressures, diabetes and headaches etc. could create situation of depression.

Treatments and drugs

Market is flooded with numerous treatments along with psychological counseling and medications. Some of the medications are listed below.

A number of antidepressant medications are available to treat depression that are Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs), Norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake inhibitors (NDRIs), Vagus nerve stimulation, Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), Atypical antidepressants, Tricyclic antidepressants, Other medication strategies, Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), Transcranial magnetic stimulation, Psychotherapy, etc.

Simple Lifestyle and readily available home remedies

Depression is a kind of disease that could be overcome with some simple and easy steps provided to you. While you go through the proper and professional treatment don’t forget to try the remedies of eating health, sleeping in time and staying fit so as to cope with depression. Also try to avoid alcohol and use of drugs while treatment.