Diabetes a threat for health

This dreaded disease cause physical and mental problems in life. One of the disappointments for diabetic patients is hair loss. Yes, hair loss is one of symptoms of diabetes. In fact, hair loss can start taking place even before the occurrence of diabetes. When hair loss is accompanied by dry mouth, frequent urination, thirst, low energy and vision problems, show your doctor at once. You may be reported of diabetes.

Hair loss may not be life threatening, but brings worry of extreme degree in life. The imagination of this problem itself brings goosebumps. Diabetes is threatening. For knowing more about why and how diabetes cause hair loss, read this article. It gives insight into this matter.

1) In the body of diabetics the level of blood sugar level is high. High blood sugar level means nutrients cannot reach with ease to the body parts. Every cell of the body needs nutrients to remain healthy, so thus hair follicles. However, high blood sugar level does not let nutrients to reach to the hair follicles in abundance. Deficiency of nutrients in the hair follicles causes hair fall.

2) Thyroid problem is the common problem of diabetics. Thyroid problem is the result of weak immunity. Immune problem is common among diabetic patients. Unhealthy working of thyroid is directly proportional to hair fall.

3) Nutrition is important for mind and body both. In fact, hair also need nutrition to remain long and shiny. Nutrition reach to the body and scalp only when blood circulation is proper. It ensures overall health and health of hair follicles too. However, diabetics suffer from poor blood circulation. Hence, nutrition deficiency causes hair loss.

4) Hormonal changes that take place in the body can also cause hair loss. Diabetes changes the geography of hormones in the body. Hair loss is one of symptoms in diabetics that hormones are changing. This is a bad change.

5) Medications taken for diabetes treatment are heavy doses. Some drugs can be harmful for hair. Diabetes drugs cause hair loss. Before taking treatment confirm with doctor whether drugs can affect your hair or not.

Diabetes people have to be extra careful about their hair. Proper care taken by them can only prevent hair loss. Some tips might be of help to you.

Usually diabetes people are seen in stress due to their dreaded disorder. However, preventing stress as much possible is important. It can only prevent hair loss in diabetics.

Healthy diet and regular exercise are key mantras for diabetic patients to remain healthy and prevent hair loss. Patients who are punctual with their eating habit and workout, face high blood sugar level less. Blood circulation is also smooth in their body. This also prevent hair loss in them.

Medical treatments for hair loss should be taken. Seeing dermatologist is a good advice.

Hair loss can be combatted with right solutions. Even diabetes can avoid this problem. In this article you have all the solutions for preventing hair loss.


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