Diabetes is Chronic but Curable

Insulin is a hormone, secreted by pancreas, which controls blood sugar. The condition characterizes as diabetes is the one when blood sugar level goes beyond extremes. Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar is diabetes. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes result due to insulin related problem. Type 1 diabetes is the one in which insulin production is inappropriate. Insulin deficiency affects blood sugar level because insulin is not present to control it. Type 2 diabetes is common and usually people are affected by it. In this type of diabetes body does not respond well to insulin. No response given to insulin cause high blood sugar level leading to the increase in the number of diabetics. Insulin is an important hormone for controlling diabetes problem as it enables the body cells to imbibe glucose from the bloodstream.

High blood sugar level is not good for body’s health. If it is persistent, some body parts can be adversely affected. Major information is given below that describes on which all body parts hyperglycemia imparts bad impact.


Kidney failure chances are high if diabetics do not control diabetes taking appropriate measures. Unprocessed diabetes cause kidney problem in affected individuals. The process starts with damaging of small kidney blood vessels. Moreover, high level of blood sugar starts putting pressure on kidneys for filtering. This burden takes toll on kidneys and nephropathy is the result. Rising of a type of chemicals also take place that make kidney filters leaky. This causes proteins outflow. All these processes are scary and the final outcome is kidney failure. Be on safer side and treat diabetes on budding.


Diabetic sufferers mainly suffer from proper blood circulation. High blood sugar level disrupts circulation. Proper circulation brings charm to skin and vice versa affects skin causing skin disorders of various types. Diabetic patients are suffered from conditions like skin bacterial infections. Joint problems also top the list. Nerve wrecking is also associated with diabetes that’s grave cause of concern. This condition is called diabetic neuropathy. Nerves on the outside of the body like nerves of legs, hands, and feet are the ones get affected. Symptoms like tingling and numbness in hands, legs and feet are experienced.


Heart disorders and other cardiovascular problems have a close association with diabetic patients. As diabetics have high blood sugar level that make red blood cells (REB’s) rigid. Also, fatty deposits get deposited inside the walls of the blood vessels. Clogging of blood vessels is dangerous for blood to circulation all over the body smoothly and especially to the heart. When blood supply to the heart gets impaired, chances increase of going through heart attack, strokes, and heart attacks and so on.

Every ailment is accompanied by early symptoms. Diabetics also undergo early signs of diabetes which due to ignorance lead to serious problem. The symptoms are either ignored or people are unaware about them. Warning signs of diabetes are following.

* Urination more than normal is one of common signs of diabetes. High blood sugar level means high amount of glucose in the blood that hampers kidneys filtration. Water taken in is not absorbed by kidneys due to weak filtration power and causes frequent urination. If you feel any such change in your urine, immediately see your doctor.

* Dehydration is another symptom. Excessive fluid lost in urination dehydrates the body. Increased thirst is normal in this case. Drinking more than usual water should be suspected for early sign of diabetes.

* One of common warning sign of diabetes is feeling hunger frequently. Actually insulin also increase hunger in the body. When an individual goes through diabetes, his or her body secretes more insulin for lowering glucose level. Therefore, it is obvious to feel more hunger also.

* Vision changes are experienced in case of type-2 diabetes. High blood sugar level in the body alters the shape of eye lenses. Over a period of time the continuous rise in blood sugar level start making vision weak. Eyes lose focus too.

* Weight loss is suffered by a person in prediabetes stage. It is caused due to undue sugar loss through urine. Body has to deliberately make use of body’s fat and protein for energizing the body. Weight loss is obvious then.

Curing diabetes is out of the question, once diagnosed. However, its onset can be prevented with the help of natural measures. Diabetes controlling natural methods are highly powerful and can even cure the problem with regular application. Lifestyle changes it requires all to keep diabetes under control. Important thing to note is these methods can only deal with type-2 diabetes. Type-1 diabetes is the result of genetic abnormality and only medical treatments and medications can overcome it. But, type-2 diabetes can be controlled by keeping check over diet and lifestyle. Go natural to overcome type-2 diabetes.

Exercising is the best mantra

Physically straining body is important for keeping control over diabetes. Walking, running, jogging, swimming etc are workouts should be performed for keeping in line diabetes. During exercise body muscles absorb glucose from the bloodstream for giving energy to the body. Thus, helps in blood sugar level from going up. It is one way to treat diabetes in natural manner. Diabetics are also recommended to consult their physician for the type of exercise their body can bear. Actually sometimes certain exercises can give opposite result. So, consulting a doctor is urged.

Take the right food

Watching diet is important to avoid complications resulting from diabetes. Healthy diet makes immunity strong and healthy immune system is an essential step towards curbing diabetes. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and fiber rich foods are must have for diabetics. They balance blood sugar level in the body. Foods laden with carbohydrates and starch are not healthy for diabetes. Sugary foods should not be taken at any cost. Food rich in saturated fats are to be avoided. But, fats like omega fatty 3 acids are good to have. They should be taken heavily. Foods containing essential nutrients chromium, magnesium, calcium, and zinc are good to have.

Forbid smoking

Smokers easily fall under the impact of diabetes. Smoking is an unhealthy habit that destroys one’s health and is a reason behind number of health problems. Causing diabetes is one of health disorders it leads to. Every person should quit smoking.

Bitter is good

Anything that has bitter taste is good for diabetic patients. Medical research has proved it. Bitter melon, bitter guard and juice of neem leaves are said excellent for controlling diabetes. Take them regularly and diabetes would never appear or will leave after certain period of time.

Regular diabetes tests are important to be done for making sure you are safe. Especially, if diabetes is hereditary in your family, then taking extra care from the start is all the more crucial. On experiencing any symptom of diabetes check with the doctor right away. Diabetes is dangerous and has taken many lives. People are unlucky undergo it. Keep yourself safe by taking proper measures. Lifestyle related changes are must to be executed. Fight against diabetes is important for living healthy and happy.