Disadvantages of Regular Intake of Painkillers

Painkillers are medications significantly used to easy to help you when you are in pain. These drugs are entailed to relieve pain and provide you with comfort. Even though the short term affects of these painkillers are excellent, but they may turn out to be very dangerous for your health in the long run. Remember it is also important to note that taking this drug once in a while will not cause much harm, as it has the ability to ingest it and throw out the waste.

However, frequent and prolonged usage of this drug does leave scars behind. To describe this in brief, painkillers work by way of acting on peripheral and central nervous system. This drug basically reduces the strength of the pain-signals into the brain from the body and the response of the brain to those signals. Since, this drug directly acts on the brain there is no need of saying that there are side-effects of taking painkiller regularly.

There are many people who become depended on such drugs to such an extent that even for mildest pain they go for it. This makes them to become addictive to these painkillers. A painkiller suppresses the pain but greatly increases the risk of other health complications. The side effects occurred due to these painkillers varies from person to person and from drug to drug. Read on the article to know more about the commonly noticed side effects of Painkiller.

Cardiovascular issues – Painkillers can show a dramatic effect on the functioning of your cardiovascular health. They may lead to occur cardio vascular disorder such as irregular heartbeat, heart-attack, stroke, thrombosis (blood clot), etc.

Skin problem – In some cases, certain skin problems have also been observed due to painkillers such as sensitive skin all over the body or development of hives, etc.

Psychological problem – Excessive intake of painkillers can lead to develop problems such as inability to make quick decisions, confusion, hallucination, vivid dreams or nightmares, etc

Respiratory issues – People who make too much use of painkillers are prone to suffer from respiratory problems such as difficulty in breathing, breathlessness, tightening of the chest, etc.

Nausea – Wrong method of consumption of this drug may result in nausea and vomiting. Excessive intake of morphine painkiller then you is bound to get nauseous.

Constipation – Painkillers are known to be having some significant impact on the bowel movements. This can be a very problematic condition, as it can give raise to many other health problems as well.

Dry mouth – Pain suppressants given to control pain in mouth obstruct the working for salivary glands and causes dry mouth.

Aching problems – Due to excessive intake of painkillers a person may experience aching problem related to back, head, neck, etc.

Dizziness – another very common and widely notice side effect of painkiller drug is drowsiness/dizziness. Therefore avoid performing difficult task that require lots of concentration such as operating equipments, driving, or doing ny other task that requires logical and sound judgment.

Apart from these the other long term side-effects noticed due to painkiller are menstrual irregularities, constricted pupils, severe constipation, moodiness, etc. Individual must avoid making use of painkillers as much as possible. It is okay to pop a single pill of painkiller once in a while but not good if you get addicted to it. If that is the situation, then please consult with your physician in order to avoid its side-effects.