Erectile Dysfunction – Symptoms and Treatments

Erectile dysfunction is an embarrassing furtive issue which many men’s don’t discuss openly. As many of us look down upon this issue very hastily. Seldom (rare) erectile dysfunction can’t be uncommon .Habitually men experience ED when they are under a huge stress or may be suffering from a number of emotional problems or even they are urged to do things, that they not able to avoid under certain circumstances .Pervasiveness of Erectile dysfunction is unison (increase as age increase) to age. Erectile dysfunctions are impinging on 4% men’s in their 50’s whereas 17% men in their 60’s.

 Grounds for erectile dysfunction:                                                                      


Diabetes is an unceasing disease that leads deterioration of nerves, blood vessel and muscles utility. After consumption of food, our body translates it into insulin which is to be release at the right time. If not than it can affect the nervous system of our body, can reduce the strength efficacy power in men (muscle utility).  Diabetes and erectile dysfunction is a complex combination. A man with both cannot sustain a rigid erection in the sexual intercourse. As high sugar level in body may damage the nerves system and blood artery’s that promote the strength efficacy in men during sexual interaction Even though if you have a desire and enough male hormones to sex, you’ll fail to sustain the stiff erection required? It’s very crucial to keep diabetes beneath control or else it might enhance the risk factor of erection.

Blood artery disorder

The nervous system of our body carries blood to various part of our body for appropriate functioning. Once these arteries are blocked it impedes blood flow to the penis, than it lead-in enlarging the resource of erection in men. Vascular disorder can be hurdle for men to make possible use of his strength (muscle) required for stiff erection during sexual interaction with his partner. Blood flow should be sufficient in the penis in order to have an accurate erection as a men desire.

Nerve and brain disorder

Disease related nerves and brain can be ground for erection dysfunction. Erection occurs when there is a feeling of touch, smell and visual input .The timing between the gesture of brain and penis should be perfect for an inflexible erection. Our nervous systems play a key role in occurrence of erection. Disease like Alzheimer, Parkinsonism, stroke, Atherosclerosis, Cholesterol

Can leads to difficulty in sustaining erection. You can’t be able to create erection in your reproductive organ without the help of nerve system. Injuries to pelvis, penis, spinal cord or bladder can also be the one reason for inflexible erection.

Venous escape

Venous are veins in penis that stores blood in penis and if they release stored blood during sexual interaction than you will lose your erection.  This releasing of blood is known as venous escape/leakage. Leakage venous may take place with the vascular disease. It is also linked to certain nerves anxiety disorder, diabetes and nervous system.

Hormone disorder

The process of erection gets disturbed by imbalance hormones level. Testosterone hormone makes man enthusiastic to have sex. Imbalance in hormones level can withdraws men’s interest and attention from sex. Kidney, liver injury or disorder, depression and pituitary glands tumor are roots for hormonal disorder. Inadequate sleep can also lead to hormonal disorder; as it results in diminution of our sex hormone production.

Alcohol and tobacco

Over consumption both can lead to erectile dysfunction. An excess intake of such toxic stuff can damage the nervous system. Appropriate functioning of nervous system is essential for erection during sexual interaction in men. Both damage the blood arteries that supply blood to penis.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

Erection problems refers to in men (impotent),when he fails to get erection, or get erection for only few minutes , or get erection sometimes but it is not enough to continue further (sex) . Losing interest in sex, or having fewer libidos, or ejaculating very soon or before sexual interaction are not the causes for erection, this are issues are make the possibility of erection more difficult in a man.

Erectile dysfunction influences life very adversely. An impotent may suffer from severe emotional and psychological issues like problem in relationship, sudden withdraw from social group, feeling guilty to go to work and even become angrier. There is nothing to feel guilty about it; it’s just a common disorder like other in men. Some may have problem to share this issue with their doctors, but if you don’t share this with your doctor than your disease will be untreated. Unknowingly you take a chance of risk that can be life threatening in future. Erectile dysfunction is an uncommon syndrome in men’s.

It’s not an incurable disease, it can be treated .There are many drugs like – (Generic Viagra, kamagra, edegra, penegra, caverta, silagra etc) available online and offline as well for this disorder, but please make note of it that before doing so or indulging in first and foremost thing is to consult your Doctor. Or else ask your doctor to suggest some drugs regarding your erectile problem. Special counseling sessions are held for this type of dysfunction by doctors and professionals, try to attend such sessions it will definitely boost up you and will fade away the feeling of guiltiness in you. Don’t annoy and stress yourself by thinking over it again and again. Just give sometime for your treatment and everything will fall in place as per your aspiration. And you will begin with the new phase of life with added energy and passion all over again.

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