Exercises for Cool Down

The name warm up is enough to describe about the function of these exercises as these exercises help to warm up your body. Warm up is necessary before going for a hardcore workout. If you not warm up your body and perform heavy workout then it may lead to severe injuries in your muscles. Thus, warm up is very important before going for a workout. Cool exercises are equally important as warm up. Cool down exercises provide you plenty of health benefits. When we perform high intensity workout our body our heart goes extremely high. The adrenaline in the blood shoots up when we perform exercises. Hence to reduce the adrenaline in the blood your body needs some activity and performing cool down exercises at that point of time helps to re duce the adrenaline in the blood. Proper cooling down exercises is really beneficial to avoid faintness and dizziness.

It is also proven in the studies that people who do not perform cooling down exercises after hardcore workout have on high risk of having some serious health problems like post exercise muscle soreness etc. this means your muscles starting hurting after few hours followed by heavy workout. Cooling down exercises help to reduce post exercise muscles soreness. There is plenty of cooling down exercises that help to maintain your overall health in many ways. In this article we will introduce you with some best cooling down exercises that are necessary for high intensity workout and helps you in cooling down.

Stretching: Stretching is one of the most effective and wonderful exercise that helps to cool down and also delayed attack of muscle soreness. There are several people who perform all muscles workout in a day while other performs one muscle group in a week. It does not matter that you perform exercises for all body parts in a day or one body part in a week. Cooling down after every workout matters a lot. Stretching around 15 to 20 minutes after workout is a great idea to avoid muscle soreness. If you perform workout for all body parts then it is necessary to perform stretching for all body parts at the end of the workout. Stretching your legs, arms, shoulders and back after every workout plays an important role to avoid the attack of muscle soreness.

Reduce intensity: You can also cool down by reducing the intensity of workout. Reduce the amount of weight at the last set. If you are performing 4 set of workout then perform that fourth set to cool down. Lift lesser weight at last fourth set as this will also help you to cool down. This process will help you to take your body at that point where you had started the exercise.

Reduce the speed: The simplest way to cooling down is to reduce the speed to exercises. Like if you are performing cardio exercises then reduce the speed to cardio machine when you are about to finish your cardio exercise. If you are running on treadmill then reduce the speed of treadmill machine gradually swimming, cycling, hiking etc. are some exercises that you can perform in order to get cool down. Reduce the speed of work out when you are going to finish your workout. This will help to take your body in that stage where you were started.

Exercises are simple to perform and there are plenty of health benefits of performing exercises. Those who are not interesting in stretching can do yoga, jogging or walking. These exercises also help to cool down. Those who are interested in cycling can run their cycle slowly in plain area. Plenty of people get body massage after hardcore workout for cooling down as this also helps to cool down. Watering the plants, cleansing your wardrobes etc are some easy cooling down exercises that everyone can perform.