Factors That Develop Extreme Fatigue

Extreme fatigue and fatigue are two different health conditions. There comes days in life when you go through fatigue or say loss of strength or energy after doing physical or mental work. This is absolutely normal. When on certain days work pressure is more, you tend to feel drained or exhausted. But, once you take rest, eat healthy food and do little exercise, you feel refreshed and rejuvenated again. However, the condition of extreme fatigue is different. It has actually no apparent reason. Even after hours of sleep and rest, your body feels tiredness. A person suffering with extreme fatigue is unable to focus, concentrate, always have low level of energy and the most common symptom they always undergo is weakness.

Extreme fatigue causes are never specific. Plenty of things force it to happen. Some common yet popular extreme fatigue causes are summed below. Have a look and update yourself about the causes.

Health diseases

Certain health diseases have tremendous impact on health and people fall to the lap of disastrous symptoms like extreme fatigue. People having diseases like anemia (deficiency of red blood cells in the body), diabetes, glandular disease, cardiovascular ailments, lung disorders, kidney problems, hepatitis, malaria, flu, HIV, cancer and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) usually experience extreme fatigue in the body. If after going through any of these diseases you experience fatigue all the time, consult doctor. It is important to take treatment for extreme fatigue. Uninterrupted weakness in the body is not good for health and may play bad in many areas of life.

Emotional Lows

Emotional upheavals in life also lead to extreme fatigue condition. It is quite normal. Feeling tiredness and weakness is a common sight in people experiencing emotional lows due to any reason or reasons. In fact, emotional traumas affect overall health of people. They are inordinately mind boggling and create ample troubles. If you go through medical reports will come to know most people are target of extreme fatigue due to disarrayed mental state. Mental disorders that create exhausting environment in the body are- prolonged depression, anxiety, prolonged eating disorder, bind eating syndrome, grief, stress, tension, stress etc.


People suffer from chronic illnesses in life. To cure them, they have to take medications. Prolonged exposure of the body to the medications causes body to suffer from other problems like extreme fatigue. Not everyone taking the drugs for long time suffer from continuous tiredness, however, it may happen to some people. Long time use of certain medications takes energy level down and keeps people always tired and weak. Steroids (drugs used for developing sex hormones), antidepressants drugs, anxiety treating medications, sedatives and hypertension drugs are cause of extreme fatigue in many people in the world.

Improper Lifestyle

World is moving forward at fast pace. This high speed is good as well as bad. In the race of moving forward continuously, most people forget to pay attention to their health. They also adopt certain habits that in the long run harm them. Unhealthy lifestyle is a disastrous thing. It includes habits like no time for sleep, no exercise and no time for eating. People, who deprive them of these three essentials, suffer tremendously in life. Sleep, physical activity and healthy eating are lifelines of life. Never neglect them, else your body will start feeling deprived of energy and tiredness will overcome. To boot, people today are inclining a lot towards habits like drinking and smoking. However, they are unaware these habits induces weariness. Adopt healthy living and energy level would automatically develop. Healthy lifestyle is a main mantra to healthy living.

Seeking medical help for experiencing tiredness is compulsory. Usually drug therapy is prescribed for fighting with conditions like fatigue. If doctor finds it necessary, you may have to attend counseling sessions. These sessions are extremely helpful. Certain efforts you will also have to put. Without self efforts no battle can be won. Be courageous and take yourself out of this situation.