Foot Cramps Remedy

An example is the case of the sports people and the athletes. They stress the muscles around this area resulting in foot cramps. When the muscles are forced to contract with force then the cramps can occur and the pain is unbearable.

But, you need not worry much as they subside very fast. The inner arch and toes are the areas that are affected these cramps usually. The big toe is most affected. You would be eagerly waiting to know how to treat this. Though it is very simple, you would be really benefitted if you know the causes and reasons. This helps you understand the situation and come up with a solution.

How is foot cramps caused?

Muscle fatigue and excessive stress are the common causes for foot cramps. When a certain muscle group is used frequently and excessively, foot cramps can occur. When you walk too much or stand too much, the pressure exerted on the foot muscles can lead to foot cramps. This is why you often experience foot cramps. Also, when age increases and the activity levels are high, one can experience foot cramps.

When doing exercises that are vigorous one experiences foot cramps. When one has to do strenuous workouts, or involved in physical activities, it is normal to sweat a lot. But, sweating can sometimes lead to dehydration, especially when the lost fluid from the body is not restocked. The water and electrolytes are lost in excess. This can lead to cramps in foot and muscles in the leg area. The act of over consumption of diuretics can also lead to loss of excess fluid and electrolyte imbalance in the body. This also leads to experiencing cramps frequently.

When lactic acid is deposited in the muscles the rate of heart beat is increased. This is because of the increased workouts. Muscle cramps can be triggered because of the deposition of lactic acid. Also, when you want to move the muscles suddenly and when the muscles are not ready for the activity, foot cramps can be experienced.

When circulation of blood is not proper or is poor, then foot cramps occur. When oxygen supply to the body parts is not adequate, foot cramps occur.  For patients suffering from diabetes, it is usual to see that the blood circulation is not suffice, which means oxygen supply is not adequate. So, foot cramps can triggered in this case too.

Foot cramps can be caused when magnesium or calcium are not adequate in the body. When they are not sufficient the edginess of the nerves and muscles is increased, and this results in cramps in the feet and leg area.

There are also other causes for foot cramps, which include pinched nerve, use of alcohol and tobacco, Achilles tendinitis, hormonal issues, plantar fasciitis, nervous damage, which can be a specific nerve or a group of nerves, thyroid imbalance, medications like diuretics, donepezil, and raloxifene.  Foot cramps can also occur during pregnancy.

How to treat foot cramps?

Depending on the contraction, the severity of the pain differs. When the contraction is forceful the pain of the foot cramps is severe. Leave aside the pain, you would not be able to even touch the affected muscles. You can start walking slowly to avoid the pain and to relax the contracted muscles. You can treat the foot cramps if they are mild or moderate with ease.

Here are a few ways that are to be followed to treat foot cramps.

When you experience the foot cramp, start the activity you are doing. The activity may be the cause, and even though it is not, this may aggravate the pain. Remove the shoes and socks. Now, sit in a comfortable position or you can also lie down. The contracted muscle should be pulled in the opposite direction slowly. Then continue with massaging the area. Remember, you should massage gently. Do not be harsh. The muscle gets relaxed and pain subsides with the massaging activity.

When you feel that the pain has reduced, you need to start walking slowly. You can now feel the spasm getting relieved. To begin with place the front of the foot slowly on the ground and then place the heel. Then curl the toes in the direction opposite to this. You can feel the pain getting relieved. The affected muscles can be relaxed when you do this a couple of times again.

Heat application can also help in relieving foot cramps. Use heating pad or soak the foot in tub of warm water. The affected muscles can be relieved. You can also apply cold pack and enjoy the same results. Try the RICE method. First take rest, apply ice, wrap the foot with a bandage to compress the muscles and elevate the foot.

When you do exercises take water or fluids at least 15 to 20 minutes before. Take in fruits and vegetables that are rich in calcium and potassium. You should also check if you are lacking Vitamin D, and get the required supplements from a doctor. You can also try stretching and aerobic exercises. These prevent contractions that cause foot cramps.

Choose the footwear that is suitable and comfy. Do not go for high heeled shoes. When you see that the pain is unbearable even after a few minutes, then do not try the remedies and contact your physician. Also, if this is a chronic conditions, you cannot stick to the methods given here, but you need to visit the doctor. Foot cramps can be result of your medical condition. Contact a podiatrist and find if the foot cramps can be because of deficiency, injury or other disorders. You can also get suggestions from your podiatrist to avoid foot cramps in the future, and get it relieved for the long run.