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Levitra is practical treatment designed for men unable to complete sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder found in men. Generic Levitra is a treatment drug for ED only. The drug is non-surgical approach and safest too. Also, the ED drug is a prescribed formula, hence do not use it prior taking doctor’s word. Healthcare providers prescribe correct dosage of the drug and also throw light on its other essential parameters needed to be conformed to.

Generic Levitra is also known by its main component’s name i.e. Vardenafil HCL. The drug brings correction in sexual life in a short time. It suits everyone. ED is a state when men are unable to keep up erection during sexual activity. In whatever manner erections are pestering you, Levitra can overcome the problem and ignite the flame of sexual life again. Levitra is orange colored.

Levitra Generic Adverse effects

Yes, Levitra has both common and uncommon side effects related to it. Common side effects are headache, facial flushing, stomach upset, runny nose, dizziness, back pain, nausea, blur vision etc. Common symptoms are not to be feared about. They disappear after some time.

There are uncommon side effects also. The drug needed to be stopped using at once and immediate medical aid should be taken. Uncommon side effects of the drug are: low blood pressure, severe drowsiness, fainting, hives, fast heart beat, swelling on certain body parts, numbness, breathlessness, seizures, painful penis erection and so on.

Note- For more detailed information on side effects see your doctor, as this is not a complete list.

Generic Levitra 20mg Drug Interactions

Levitra is known for its reactive nature. It should not be taken with other drugs. To avoid any interaction, it’s important to inform doctor about other medications intake. Medications to be avoided with Levitra are given below:

Antibiotics- Erythrocin, Pediazole, telithromycin, clarithromycin

Antifungal- itraconazole, ketoconazole, miconazole

High blood pressure drugs- alfuzosin, doxazosin, prazosin, terazosin, tamsulosin

Heart disorder drugs- diltiazem, nicardipine, verapamil


Generic Levitra’s recommended dose in the starting is 10mg. It usually suit to every man. However, the dose can be increased or decreased depending on the condition of health and other factors determined by doctor. Men are advised not to change the dose. If feel the need of change, first consult doctor. Men above 65 years should be careful about the drug intake. Till this age generally health gets trapped with certain disorders or diseases. Inform about them to doctor and take the dose exactly as directed. As a rule also if you are going through health problems, mention them to doctor. Your doctor may have to adjust the dose for you.

Drug taking process

Most importantly, take the drug as told by doctor. Levitra’s one pill is sufficient for a day. Water is best solution to swallow a pill. With water pill dissolves quickly and give quick results. Other solutions take longer to dissolve pill, thus delay results as well. Pill should not be crushed or broken before swallowing. Levitra is good to be taken with food or without food both. However, it is good to eat light only before taking the drug. The drug is advised to be taken one hour before having sex. The drug consumption should not be stopped without consulting a doctor.

Overdosage and Missing Dose

One pill of Levitra is suggested for 24 hours. Men who exceed this number bring them in the circle of overdosing. Over dosage may lead to health problems. Men should stick to the prescribed dose in any condition. By mistake also do not take two or more pills.

As men are not on dosing schedule, so they do not have to face missing dose problem. Levitra is not taken daily. It is only taken before having sex.

Storage Tips

Levitra lives long at room temperature. If stored at hot or cold place, its life shortens. The drug should always be packed in air tight box. Due to reactive nature of the drug, air tight box is the safest place. Keep the drug in cool and clean surrounding. Bathrooms and kitchens are not for the drug to store. Outdated pills should not be stored at home. Dispose them rightly.

Precautionary Measures

Levitra should not be taken with any nitrates containing product. Immediate re-activity between both is dangerous for health.

Activities like driving, walking, etc should be postponed for few hours as Levitra cause slight dizziness. Any physical or mental may lead to an accident.

Levitra should not be consumed by anyone other than men.

Alcohol should be avoided with Levitra.

Grapefruit and its juice are also unhealthy to be taken with this drug.

Being allergic to Vardenafil HCL or to any other ingredient of Levitra forbids men from using this ED medication.

Levitra generic is not an aphrodisiac, so do not take it without sexual stimulation.

The drug does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Safety measures should be taken on own for STD’s.