Harmful Effects of Soap on Skin

Your face is the most important part of your body that attracts everyone. Your face is like your identity hence everyone wants to look it perfect. It is every woman’s desire to have flawless and good looking skin so that they can attract everyone towards them. It is important to maintain a younger looking skin as it helps to create strong impression on others. To get flawless and younger looking they try several commercial products. Sometimes using such cosmetic products do not create any positive effect on your skin. There are several soaps those tend to be skin friendly and have no harmful effect on your skin. It depends about the quality of sap you are using, like TFM, Moisturizer etc. However there are several harmful effects of using soap on your skin. In this article we will let you know about some major harmful effects of using soap on skin.

Arise wrinkles: Using soap on daily basis reduces the moisture content of your skin and eventually it produce wrinkles. The acidic PH of the skin is responsible to kill the harmful bacteria and this acidic PH of the skin is lost due to regular use of soap. Dehydration and dryness lead to wrinkles. To get wrinkle free skin throughout the years one should try to use natural products like homemade face wash, homemade facial masks etc. instead of soap. These homemade and natural products help to get younger looking and flawless skin.

Cause allergic reactions: Quality of the product depends upon the quality of ingredients it contains. These are different types of chemicals are used in soaps so the quality of the good soap depends upon the quality of the chemicals used to make soap. Some of these chemicals might be harmful for your skin. You skin might not resist these chemicals and thus washing your face with thus chemicals rich soap result in skin allergy. Especially the facial skin is very sensitive and cannot handle the side effects of these strong chemicals. With allergic skin these type of soaps results in dull skin. Thus one should try to keep away such chemical rich soaps.

Alerts normal skin PH: 5.0 – 5.5 is the normal is a healthy range of normal skin PH. Soaps that you use have cleansing properties that mean they contain harmful chemicals and these chemicals are not good for the good health of your skin. Regular use of soap makes your skin dull and dry. Using such chemical rich soaps remove the oil from your skin that protects it from getting dry. Women who have oily skin find these soaps extremely beneficial for their self as they reduce the excessive oil from their skin. These soaps are really helpful to get dry look especially for those who have excessive oily skin.

Dilute the natural moisturizing factor: Natural moisturizing factor helps to keep your skin nourished and moisturize. As soap contain harmful chemicals thus regular use of soaps reduce the natural moisturizing factor of your skin and in results your skin gets dry and dull. Soaps also contain strong chemicals and they lead to irritating and itching. Soaps are responsible in the reduction of natural moisturizing factor of the skin. To reduce the risk of this skin disorder one should use natural and homemade face wash and facial masks. As these products are made in home with natural ingredients they do not create any kind of side effect on your skin.

Some people think that choosing a soap that has antibacterial properties is really helpful for cleansing the skin. A good facial cleanser is a good choice over soap as regular use of soap lead to several sin disorders like wrinkles, dry and dull skin, allergic reactions and most important soaps reduce the natural moisturizing factor from your skin. To maintain the normal PH of the skin facial cleansers are really helpful as they are mild and capable of cleansing your face. Leave the bad habit of using soap and go for herbal or natural facial cleansers to get soft, smooth and supple skin naturally.