Health Care and Beauty Tips

As we all know summer has started heating the floor, since every one of us feel in a mess {disorganized}. But this shouldn’t happen instead it is the most crucial weather where we should look after ourselves. Many of us become less conscious about the makeup we wear in the hot muggy days. Perhaps, every woman is of thinking that it will get smudge in a couple of hour, probably. And slowly we tends to ignore it completely, this is the common silly mistake most of the women do despite of ignoring it try to make-up for it. Or else think of making it better in this summer despite of last. Also, when we meets with in incident or accident in kitchen the first reaction is we get unconscious and edgy about it, it’s obvious since it is like an alarming situation for us. Many of us tends to think “what to do and what not to” for instant just take example of burnt this is the most worst and anxious situation of our life where we totally go blank looking at the fire and then at the burnt area, no matter how much is the extent of burnt.

Hither we’ll discuss some similar situation remedy’s that can put into action immediately until the medical aid is managed, quickly. And also some of the basic beauty tips that should be followed in routine life:

  • Turmeric – turmeric is a time-honored traditional remedy to stop blood from small cuts and injury. In addition, application of castor and coconut oil on petty cuts and wound this reverse the position of the wounds in positive manner.
  • Almond Oil – Before you go to asleep rub down your face in one piece with almond oil for about 5-10 minutes. Following this act of massage habitually will definitely rejuvenate your face by bring around glow and bloom on your face. Try out this at least twice or thrice a week without error.
  • Aloe – Aloe is Natural way of enhancing your beauty without going to spa and parlors at home. Aloe Vera is a versatile natural remedy for skin, hair and eyes. Aloe Vera juice as well as pulp is very appealing and worth full other than eccentric. Juice of aloe applied on burnt, cut and oily skin will always turn in your good turn. Plus, aloe pulp applied on scalp and hair makes hair look shiny and natural, as well.
  • Almond-Corn Powder – almond and corn Powder is a good combination for dull oily skin. Apply corn and almond Paste on your face for thrice a week for soft glowing and natural looking skin.
  • Sandal wood – Even if you’re enduring prickly heat in muggy whether you can undoubtedly opt out for Sandal wood Powder Magic. You merely have to put the powder all over your body and let it stay for about half an hour before you bath.
  • Castor oil – If any of your family or child in your house sensing fuming like pain and irritation on specific rest on their skin or body after bug bites than submit an application castor oil on the same bitten part. Castor oil helps to chuck out the toxic from body, deliberately.
  • Reddish and Lemon juice – Make a fine mixture of tomato, lemon and reddish juice and submit your skin for application for about 20-25 minutes to peter out all the Black spots on your skin and face.
  • If you’re opting for outworking in hot muggy day then please make sure that you are wearing less SPF sun cream all over your body and face cream over your face.
  • And if you are applying foundation than see to it that you are applying it even including your neck and ears this will make your face look more attractive and acceptable.

These are some in-general health and beauty care tips that you can follow and apply anytime and anywhere even in month. But evenly, beside all the cosmetic part, also you should compulsory go-lite on alcohol and smoking. Prefer to be vegetarian when you dine or lunch out, allow some fresh energetic salads and soups to embellish your serving dish. Also, drink lots of water to keep your skin younger and healthy more for life-long. Chase all this basic beauty tips habitually and make yourself glow in millions.