Heart and Human Health

Heart keeps functioning 24/7. Blood carrying channels are present all over the body called arteries and veins. Heart gives body parts blood through these channels only. Heart is lifeline. Any fault in the heart can shorten lifespan or make life troublesome. Care for heart should not be ignored at any cost. One of most severe heart problems is heart attack or coronary failure. This medical condition can even lead to death.

This is the time when heart ailments are common like anything. All over heart problems have made their impact. Non-regularized lifestyle and eating habits are main issues causing heart problems. Heart attack can be faced without any warning sign. It can happen anytime. Everyone has to be prepared for it all the time. Better is to take care of the heart and avoid the problem.

A common saying must be in everyone’s knowledge ‘Prevention is better than Cure’. By adhering to preventive measures chances of heart attack can be completely avoided. Person’s lifestyle is the first thing that should be on the line for deleting all problems of life. In the prevention of heart attack also lifestyle plays major role. Lifestyle tips for keeping heart attack from happening are:

Keep off smoking

‘Smoking kills’, this phrase is not just a combination of two words; rather deep meaning is associated with it. Heart is mainly on the target to create problems in people who smoke. Smoking is ruinous habit. Nicotine and tobacco present in it is sufficient enough to set heart on the path of heart attack and other problems. Heart attacks chances rise in smokers due to nicotine’s ability to cut oxygen supply to the heart, increase blood pressure, increase heartbeat, lead to blood clotting and affecting blood vessels. Heart attack is sure to be suffered in smokers at any point of time. Quitting smoking is essential for keeping heart safe.

Appropriate body weight

Excess fat in the body is deleterious for the heart. Too much weight and heart attack are indirectly linked. Actually, with the increase in body pounds, LDL i.e. bad cholesterol level rises in the body. HDL i.e. good cholesterol goes down. Bad cholesterol in the body leads to high blood pressure. Also, body comes at risk of type-2 diabetes. Diabetes and excess body weight causes heart attack. Maintaining optimum body weight is necessary for keeping heart happy and disease free.

Emphasize on physical activity

Sedentariness or little activity is the main killer. It ends everything inside a person and makes them lethargic and of no use. Inactivity is a biggest enemy. Heart diseases risks are also increased due to inactivity. Heart’s ability to fight heart diseases increases with regular physical exercise. Heart’s muscles also betters. 30 minutes should be spent on physical exercise daily.

Learn to handle stress

Stress has become common experience these days. Increasing work pressure and complex lifestyle has put undue pressure on people. Mind and body both get severely affected with stress. Conditions like heart attack are also gone through due to stress. Managing stress is important. One has to be practical in managing his or her daily affairs. Otherwise, stress will eat your mind and body.

Make sure you are eating healthy

Healthy diet is about taking important and required nutrients only. Heart’s blood vessels become stronger and blood is carried in more powerful manner by them. Heart functioning improves tremendously with the daily intake of healthy foods containing nutrients. On the contrary, foods rich in saturated fats and oil are harmful as they narrow heart blood vessels and make blood supply improper. Also avoid junk foods as they are rich in carbs and starch. Both affect heart severely. Therefore, focus only on foods enriches your health and good for your heart.

The above mentioned heart attack prevention ways, if carried seriously, are amazing. These lifestyle changes are good for overall progress of the mind and body, other than mastering heart attacks. Enjoy safe heart forever with these tips!