Home Remedies for Leg Cramps

Leg cramps occur and goes off as it occurs. But, if you often experience them, then it is better to know the remedy than being a silent sufferer. Do you want to know how leg cramps are like? Then you need to ask those who suffer from it. They would tell you it as a pain that occur in the night and this is unbearable enough that you cannot even move your legs. Leg cramps can affect the calf muscles, harmstring, quadriceps, and feet areas too. Most of the times the most strained muscles of the body are the leg muscles, which bear the entire weight of the body. The contractions of these muscles can cause leg cramps.

Leg cramps is common in seniors, but this does not mean youngsters are not affected. This can be experienced by both young people and the elders. The pain is most common in sportspeople, pregnant women, and those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. The abrupt muscle spasms can cause terrible pain in the leg muscles and the pain lingers for a few minutes. Though the affected can be relieved of the pain in a very short duration, a feeling of tenderness is experienced throughout the day. If you are affected by leg cramps very often, it is beneficial to know about the causes and how to treat this. This helps you to prevent the occurrence of leg cramps and also saves you from the pain.


The cause of leg cramps is not one, but there are several factors involved in the causes behind leg cramps. The sleeping position is one of the major causes. We get inside the cover and sleep in positions that are bound to be comfortable. But on the contrary, the sleeping postures can lead to cramps, when you bend too much. This is why leg cramps occur when you are asleep. Next, the highest occurrences of leg cramps are when one does vigorous exercises. When one does severe workouts, the body loses fluids and electrolytes. Also, the exercise postures too can lead to the cramps. Most of the people who are affected by leg cramps are deficient in potassium, calcium and sodium. When you lose more water from body, that is if you are dehydrated you will often experience the leg cramps.


When you face leg cramps when you are asleep in the dead of the night or when you are in the gym performing workouts, all you need to do is to stop the activity. If you are sleeping, then do not try to get off fast. Then gently massage the area where you feel the cramps. This relives the pain that had arisen in the foot area. When you gently rub or massage the area, heat is generated. This heat helps in bringing in elasticity and as a result the contractions stop. You can also do some stretching exercises to relieve the pain. You can also apply ice pack on the affected area. This alleviates the pain.

If the leg cramps is a persisting issue, one has to stop looking for remedies and should check with a  doctor. The doctor will help in analyzing the root cause of the leg cramps problem and the exact solution can be found. You might have to undergo a couple of tests in a laboratory for this. For instance, if the tests come up with the result of the deficiency of the electrolytes, then the doctor usually prescribes potassium, magnesium and calcium supplements. You can also try a few other remedies.

Drink a glass of warm water and warm milk before you go to bed. This prevents the occurrence of leg cramps at nights. You can also try taking a hot shower before you retire to bed.

When stretching exercises are done at regular intervals, the cramps are kept at bay. If you do these exercises in the right manner, you can keep cramps away within 3 weeks. When performing exercises, and before any of your workout regimen start with the warm up and stretches. This helps in relaxing the muscles and does not urge the muscles to contract. Also, take water and juices 30 minutes before you start exercising. If you face cramps due to dehydration, you need to replenish the water you had lost during your workout session.

You should also follow healthy eating habits. Take in lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish and cheese. These are rich in nutrients and help you get relieved of cramps.

When you have experienced leg cramps, stop the work you do. You should hold the leg for a few minutes and keep it at rest at least for a few seconds. It is better to keep the legs without any movement at least till the pain subsides. When you restrict the movements you can witness that the pain is short lived. You should also massage gently and should not be harsh while rubbing the affected area. Also if you are exercising while you feel the cramps, ensure that sudden stop of the workout will not affect your other body parts.

Leg cramps can also occur when you choose inappropriate footwear. Using high heels can trigger leg cramps. You need to go for comfy shoes and check if you still continue to get cramps. You need to analyze the reason you get the cramps. Choosing apt solutions can help you to alleviate the pain and prevent occurrence of leg cramps. If the problem persists check with a doctor and go for proper medications.