How can Almonds Help in Preserving your Health

Consuming almonds everyday can help you a great deal. There are various health benefits for everyone and it make you stronger in various aspects. You need to know what the almonds contain to understand how it can be beneficial to you. The almonds belong to the category of nuts and they are rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber. You can also get copper, Vitamin E and magnesium when you consume almonds. You get 2.6 grams of protein from 10 almonds. Almonds contain 26% of carbohydrate and 12% of fiber. The calories in 23 almonds are determined to be 160 and you get the most required unsaturated fats from almonds. 4 to 5 almonds per day increase the Vitamin E levels in the body. If pregnant women require a healthy baby, 6 to 7 almonds per day help. The almonds are rich sources of protein and consuming 55 grams of protein is essential for men, 45 for women is the required amount and for carrying women the protein required is 70 grams. Consuming almonds everyday also strengthens the bones by offering calcium. Almonds also are beneficial for hair, skin and overall health. They make every organ of the body stronger. The blood flow is enhanced. Achieving a seamless health is possible with just a handful of almonds. You can find almonds in countries like USA, Afghanistan, Turkey, Spain, Italy and Algeria. Almonds are used for manufacturing vegetable oils, medicines, hair oil and skin oil.

The advantages of eating almonds are listed here:

Brings down risks of heart attacks:

Unsaturated fatty acids are recommended for keeping your heart healthy and to prevent heart attacks. Almonds are rich in unsaturated fats and consuming them keeps away the risk of heart attack far. The blood lipids concentration is increased by dry fruits and these results in stronger heart. Eating 1.7 ounces of almond every day to some extent helps in keeping heart diseases at bay.

Brings Down Risks of Cancer:

Researches on the effects of almonds on cancer prove that the risk of colon cancers is greatly decreased when 5 to 6 almonds are consumed every day. Also, the development of other types of cancers can be brought down when almonds are consumed regularly.

Brings Down Intensity of Cholesterol:

The blood cell levels and the plasma should be of high intensity to ensure you are healthy. When you consume almonds, you get more amount of Vitamin E, which is responsible for the increased blood flow. This is also an antioxidant which helps you to boost the immune system to fight against various infections and diseases. Also, this can prevent any blocks in the arteries, and prevent damages to the cardiovascular system. This way you are safe from the coronary heart diseases.

Strengthens the teeth and bones:

You need phosphorous and calcium to keep your bones and teeth healthy and strong. The almonds come to your rescue here too. You can eat a few almonds each day and get these results. The alkaline levels too are increased and the threat of osteoporosis is too reduced.

Weight Management:

When you eat almonds for three days a week, you can shed weight easily. The unconsumed and waste fats in the body are curtailed and healthy fats are produced in the body.

Maintenance of Blood Sugar Levels:

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, eat a few almonds after the meal. This lowers the amount of insulin in the blood. It also brings down the blood sugar levels and the glucose levels. Diabetes patients often suffer from heart ailments too, which can be prevented by consuming almonds every day after the meal.

Improves the memory power:

The memory power can be boosted when almonds are consumed daily. The almonds are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E. Immune power of the body can be enhanced by consuming about 7 almonds per day.

Enhancing of nervous system:

When you reach the age of 30 to 32, your hormones becomes unhealthy. Almonds are rich sources of vitamin, minerals and many other nutrients. The hormones development and blood formation are enhanced by almonds. Also, the nervous system can function properly as a result.

Brings down risk of gallstones:

The risk of developing gallstones can be brought down by consuming almonds daily. Consuming 2 ounces of almonds per day lowers the risk of gallstones by 25%. The progress of gallstones in women is greatly lowered by consumption of almonds.

A solution to hair loss:

Hair fall can be stopped by consuming almonds, as these nuts are rich in protein. Healthy diet which consists of higher amount of proteins and minerals is required to curb hair fall and trigger hair growth. Hair fall can also be stopped by using almond hair oil for application on the scalp. You can use almond hair oil like your regular hair oil. The best way to use is to massage your hair and scalp with the almond hair oil and leave it at least for an hour. This puts an end to the problem of hair loss and also improves the growth of new hair. The level of hair fall can be brought down this way naturally. There are no side effects and if you continue to use almond hair oil and consume 7 to 8 almonds per day, you can see results faster.

Adds glow to the skin:

The almond oil has the great advantage of being suitable for all sorts of skin types. The pores in the skin are minimized and the moisture is absorbed. Almond oil when used constantly brings down the dark circle problems. You can also see the almond oil beneficial for removing wrinkles from the skin. You can use almond scrub to clean off the dead cells from the skin. Apply the oil on the lips and you would get smooth lips. The skin allergies are also alleviated by the almond oil.