Hypertension effects on human health

It is a condition when blood starts exerting high pressure on the arteries. Arteries are blood carrying source to the entire body. Force of the blood when goes beyond 140/90mm Hg, a person is said to be going through hypertension. Immediate treatment is necessary. Previously people above 40 years used to get this problem, however, today’s changing lifestyle has made young adults also the sufferer of hi blood pressure.

What exactly causes hypertension? It is believed high blood pressure can occur due to various reasons. Bad lifestyle, smoking, stress, tension, alcohol, unhealthy diet, health conditions etc. are all responsible for high blood pressure. Sleep deprivation is also one of most common reasons. People, due to unhealthy lifestyle and busy schedule, do not have enough time to take proper sleep. Sleep is highly important for the body. Lack of sleep can affect blood pressure also. For further details how is it possible quench your query reading this article.

A sleep is completed when it is taken for 7 to 8 hours. Sleep is relaxing period for the body. Both mind and body gets relaxed. Certain hormones are released during sleep that calms down the body. Blood pressure also remain low or normal during sleeping time. During sleep heart rate slows down leading to slow down of blood pressure also. However, when sleep is not enough the pressure of the blood rises. Heartbeat also increases that causes hypertension. In fact, lack of sleep is also a cause of other health and behavioural problems. Chest pain, strokes, anxiety, problem in reproductive organ etc are side effects of sleeplessness.

If you are one of them who does not sleep adequately, please start taking proper sleep for the sake of your health. High blood pressure is a severe condition. Taking it lightly is biggest folly. It can be life threatening too. If suffering from insomnia, consult doctor. High blood pressure has to be treated. Many medical treatments are available to control it. F you hate having tablets, you can resort to natural remedies. Natural methods are far better and stops blood pressure from elevating. You will have to follow below given tricks.

1) One of best drug free approach to lower blood pressure is exercising regularly. 4 to 5 days are must to dedicate to exercise. Any workout close to your heart and capable of doing can be done. If wondering how exercise is connected to hypertension, here is the answer. Exercise makes heart stronger and also prevention against cardiovascular problems like, heart attack, strokes, chest pain and other heart issues. Strong heart pumps blood with less effort throughout the body. Therefore, good for controlling high blood pressure. 30 minutes exercise is minimum requirement of the body. Do not over exert also, but spend appropriate time for workout. Make your workout interesting by adding songs to it or do it with your best buddy. Your time will, pass without giving you a feel you exerted the body.

2) Dietary approach to stop elevation of blood pressure has many other benefits too. Whole grains, fruits, veggies, juices and carb less diet, is the way to go with your diet. Starches and cholesterol rising foods should be averted. Oily and junk foods are also dangerous. Be simple in your diet and will never have to face high blood pressure. Minimum salt in food is one of most essential requirement.

3) Emotional stress causes the rising of blood pressure. Stressful condition releases hormones in the body that spikes blood pressure. People in gloomy mood for longer time suffer from high blood pressure regularly. Stress is must to control. Keeping yourself busy in work is best way to avoid stress. Whatever bothers you, try to think less about it.

4) Smoking also causes hypertension. It is a harmful habit that creates blocks in the arteries. When arteries block, blood is unable to distribute evenly in the body. Smokers are vulnerable to high blood pressure and other health problems. Give full stop to this habit and keep your blood pressure in control.

High blood pressure is easier to control than thought. Keep your life on the track from the beginning. Otherwise, whenever you start facing hypertension, keep the above preventive measures in mind and you would be relieved of high blood pressure.