Kids eating disarray

Having sufficient quantity of intake of foods is very essential at growth stage. It is said that our body needs enough amount of food and water to survive as it should be and healthy. It’s very crucial for children to have sufficient amount of food in their daily diet, it is very important to grow and develop. Children follow what they see, so if a fellow classmate or friend start dieting, children immediately grab it and start doing so.

At these stage children’s are in a very innocent and emotional stage. They watch TV actors/actresses dieting to keep themselves fit and try to look elegant.  There are people who look after their diet. So it is the responsibility of mother to look after your child and stop them doing so. Eating disorder in children doesn’t exist because of one reason but because of plenty several reasons.

Children might be worried about how they look or might be thinking eating food might make them fat or even think that slimmer people are more healthy and happy ,but children this not “True”. Because eating food will not make you fat, but yes, not eating enough food will definitely make you fall sick and weak.

Reasons why children drop their daily meal suddenly and develop eating disorder and make themselves befall sick:

Perhaps the reason of eating disorder among the children’s is not clear, but still some are the reasons that are in highlight regarding eating disorder.

  • Anorexia nervosa – (an mental illness which can be life taking)

In simple medical term it means restricting yourself from having enough food because of  fear of gaining excess weight , or having obsessed with thinner body or not happy with the body shape and structure . The individual (child) may face numerous problems while going through anorexia like lack of energy, fluctuating level of B.P, experience headache and drowsiness too. Individual may get closure to harmful and illegal things like second hand smoking, excessive intake of dietary pills, intake drugs (caffeine) and also over exercise.

  • Bulimia nervosa – (an mental illness which can be life threatening)

Children suffering from bulimia make tend their selves to eat in excess amount rather than normally they eat. Or else they start following the concept of Binge eating (eating plenty in short period of time or may in two hrs) .After binge eating children go ahead  with plenty of unusual things like vomit immediately after eating, over exercise or befall medicines like laxative to prevent themselves from gaining excess weight

Both the Nervosa has specific features that are risky and harmful to health. Trending for both can have an adverse effect on lifestyle as well as health. So it’s better to care off, before it’s too late or feeling guilty afterwards to control your child.

Symptoms of developing eating disorder: —

Refuse to eat food despite being hungry

Jumping on excess amount of food suddenly

Going to wash room immediately after eating

Restricting self from eating food

Over exercising, or else two to four times in a day

All of sudden intake of pills likes diet pills or laxative

Consume cocaine to hold back hunger

Always been in a flat or off mood

Fear of eating in public (due to obesity)


Skin texture changing (due to growth)

Not talking freely like before

Pain in abdominal

Fluctuating heart bytes

Children starves themselves because of the desired shape or structure or many children’s who take part in activity’s that more of a kind emphasis on the weight like kho-kho ,hockey, wrestling, high jumping, swimming, foot ball etc. Children’s lean themselves towards dieting, dieting can be life threatening when done in surplus, or it may be reason to give rise for certain health ailments. The symptoms of eating disorder may vary to children to children. There is not one common reason in standstill, but plenty of reasons that triggers eating disorder in children’s. This disorder can be cured

Suggestions that can definitely help you to take one step forward to do so:

If your child refuses to eat green veggies or full mea l, try to convince him to eat because of its healthy virtues.

Make homemade pizzas and try to feed them.

Use raw vegetables in such pizzas so that it can fulfill the required nutrient value in your child body.

Make some efforts to make food more delicious and eye catchy (color full food)

Call some of your child’s friend once in a while for a dinner or lunch, so that your child can eat with them happily.

Try innovative recipes to make food more attractive than ever.

Try to add as much as different color of or bunch of veggies in a dish.

Indulge more of diary product in your child’s meal (Exclude Tran’s fat product).

Try to make out healthy food recipes which are there on various websites.

In fact there are special blog and websites that highlight on foods that are excellent for children health. Go searching for such blogs and sites and try to make healthy recipes for your child out off them. And feed him with more enthusiastically as you use to do before.

After all it is said that “to take a child in his hand (arm) a man has to kneel down him even if though he is wearing a classy tie and suit”. Same applies to those mamma’s out their- take the control of your child in your hand and create a magnificent magic out of it before it’s too late.

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