Liquid Diets That Work

Do not be bothered that the liquid diets mean that only clear liquids should be taken as a part of the diet plan. You can of course take thick liquids. You can take tea, coffee, jellies, ice cream and smoothies too can be taken in these diet plans. You can also take in foods that are in semi liquid forms when you follow any of the diet plans. You can find here a few popular liquid diet plans which work.

Popular Liquid Diets:

When you want to go for liquid diet programs, you can always find many meal replacement shakes of various diet programs, which send you prepacked foods. But, you need to remember the natural foods are always better to aid in weight loss, regardless of the fact you take a normal diet or a liquid diet. You can get an idea of what you can consume and few of the liquid diet plans in this piece of information.

Clear Liquid Diet:

If a person suffers from various ailments like toothache, jaw pain, diarrhea, obesity and indigestion, this is the best diet. This is the diet which is advised by the doctors when one goes for surgery. The clear liquid diet should be taken before and after surgery. This is also advised for losing weight. You can take juices but pulps are not allowed. You can take the following as a part of this diet, clear soups, tea, coffee, lemonade, milk, coconut water and buttermilk.

Master Cleanse Diet:

This is a very popular diet and is often called the lemonade diet. Prepare the drink in the following method. Take 2 tbsp of maple drink, 2tbsp of lemonade, and take 1/10th of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Add these to a glass of warm water, which is about 8 oz. This diet should be taken only for a week. You cannot prolong this as various health hazards are associated. The diet can cleanse your entire system can aid in proper digestion. This flushes the toxins and extra fat. Also, the pain in joints and muscles can be relieved. However, you cannot expect to be energetic as the nutrients required by the body cannot be given by this lemonade diet. Hence you cannot take it more than 7 days.

Hollywood Liquid Diet:

If you want to lose weight in just a day or two, then this is the diet for you. You would take fruit juices as a part of this diet, and this helps in detoxifying the body naturally. This is popularly known as the detox diet. The diet offers only short lived results. When you go for the solid foods, you start gaining weight again. However, this is an efficient way to lose weight easier and faster. There are many celebrities who managed to lose additional pounds this way. However, to maintain the results, the diet has to be continued for a few more days.

Healthy Weight Loss Techniques:

When you want to go for weight loss programs never forget that you should consume balanced and healthy diet. You can lose weight healthily when you have planned the balanced liquid diet. But remember that you should not stick to it for more than a week or so. Do not choose them for a long period of time. If you want to lose excess weight, you can actually plan for liquid diets in planned intervals. The best way to go for liquid diets is taking liquid diet for a week, and normal diet for 2 weeks, and then liquid diet for a week. On the contrary, you can take liquid diets for 2 days a week. When you go for liquid diets, your digestive system is less burdened. You can take fruit juices, milk shakes of dry fruits which are loaded with fiber, minerals and vitamins. They can provide the nutrients required can replace your regular meals. When you are in liquid diet, you can take in all sorts of vegetarian and non-vegetarian soups. You can also replace tea and coffee with healthy options like buttermilk, and coconut water. You can include honey to add to the flavor. Lemonade with honey can speed up the weight loss process. You can also take apple cider vinegar.

When you want to lose weight quickly only then you will be consuming liquid diets. Doctors too recommend these diets during and after surgeries. You need to bring in liquid diets that suit your eating habits. Only then you will be able to stick to these diets. You can cleanse your system and can also get rid of a few ailments when you go for the liquid diets.

When you take liquid diets, you do not only lose weight, but also you add to your overall health. These low calorie value diets can actually improve your health. You can witness your complexion getting increased and your skin is smooth. Also, you can feel fresh. But, keep in mind you cannot rely on the results. You can lose weight only if you do exercises and eat healthy foods. So, stick to these diets only when you go for immediate weight loss. Go for diet plans that have low calorie foods. You can also take liquid diets once a day to stay on right weight.

Though liquid diets include healthy foods, you cannot go for these diets if you are diabetic, or if you are pregnant. It is advisable to check with nutritionist or a doctor before you go for liquid diets. Do not carry on with liquid diets more than a week at a stretch.