List of Collagen Boosting Foods

Collagen boosting foods helps to keep your skin youthful, tight and healthy. These foods add strength to their skin. Normally our skin produce collagen naturally but the production of collagen reduces with increasing age of a person. Increment in your age adds negative effect on your skin that affects the elasticity of your skin. By including collagen boosting foods you can delay the ageing process. Thus it is mandatory to have collagen boosting foods in your diet plans. When it comes to include collagen boosting foods in your meal plans you often get confused as there are several collagen boosting foods and including someone and excluding someone is not an easy task at all. Here is the list of collagen boosting foods and by including such foods in your meal plans you can easily maintain your skin healthy and youthful for over the years. Some collagen boosting foods are listed below.

Fish: Being rich in omega-3, fish is well known for the damage and attack of collagen. Omega-3 acid also known for its anti-inflammatory properties which means including fish in your meal plan you can easily reduce inflammation. Anti-inflammatory properties of fish support the collagen function and at the other hand if you don’t check the inflammation then you are going to making collagen weak. You can say that omega-3 is responsible for building the collagen so one should keep watch on the intake of omega-3. Having few servings of omega-3 in your meals you can easily keep your skin radiant and smooth. In short, to boost the collagen you have to boost the intake of omega-3.

Berries: Berries like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries etc. are some antioxidants rich fruits that are also helpful to keep your skin smooth and soft. Consuming these berries on regular basis boost collagen as they are high in proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins reduce the risk of free radical damage and protect collagen from it. Hence one should also include berries in their regular meal plans to get youthful skin for years.

Red vegetables: Vegetables like beets, tomatoes are some red vegetables that are really high in antioxidants like anthocyanins and Lycopene. Deficiency of these two antioxidants is responsible for the loss of the elasticity of the skin. To reduce the risk of wrinkling of your skin and promote the production of collagen one should increase the intake of red vegetables in their regular meal plans. These vegetables slow down the ageing process which results you look youthful over the years.

Orange vegetables: Pumpkin, carrots, yams etc. are some orange vegetables that also boost collagen. Being rich in vitamin A they help to boost the production of collagen. Deficiency of vitamin A causes wrinkles and dull skin. Hence one should increase the intake of orange vegetables and consume it in enough amounts so that you can youthful over the years.

Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits contain high amount of vitamin C and increase the production of collagen. Grape fruit, oranges and sweet lemon are some citrus fruits that are known to maintain the youthful appearance of your skin. These fruits are responsible for the good health of your skin and help in protecting collagen. One should include such fruits in their regular meal plans to strengthen the collagen tissues.

Garlic: Everyone knows that importance and health benefits of garlic as it is rich in antioxidants. Garlic also plays a vital role in boosting collagen of a person. Being high in sulfur compound garlic is a wonderful herb improves your skin health along with several other health benefits. To boost collagen one should include few raw garlic cloves in their meal plans.

Dark green vegetables: Dark green vegetables are exceptionally high in vitamin C content and increasing these vegetables in your meal plans you can easily boost collagen. A collagen boosting diet is incomplete with adding dark green vegetables. Cabbage, lettuce, kale and collard greens etc. are some dark green vegetables that are extremely high in vitamin C content. Regular consumption of these dark green vegetables prevents free radicals as free radicals cause several skin disorders. Vitamin C content in dark green vegetables combat with free radicals and keep your skin healthy.