Lovegra – the best Pink Kamagra Pills

Now women also have their own sexual dysfunction pill. It is Lovegra. Lovegra treats sexual dysfunction problem in women. Women also suffer from such problem. Lovegra is also nicknamed as Female Viagra and Pink Viagra. Sexual problem of women is consists of feeling no sensitization during intimacy, which lacks them from experiencing that ultimate pleasure. It further happens when vagina becomes deficient of blood, due to which women suffer from dry spell. Lovegra treats this insensitive problem of reproductive system and help women in reaching climax.
Element that help women in treating the problem is Sildenafil Citrate. This drug is also approved by FDA for its efficiency. This drug is an invention of Ajanta pharmaceutical. For women sexual health problem Lovegra is a prescribed medication. Until now, this is the only one drug for women sexual health disorder. This oral prescription is not an aphrodisiac; take it only as treatment for sexual problem. It is very much safe and secure.

Lovegra is the best treatment process for treating sexual problem in women. It nicely treats the dryness problem in vagina. Vagina becomes dry due to less blood supply to it. Due to it women do not experience sexual bliss. The working of Lovegra includes providing lubrication to vagina so that women can enjoy the sexual act immensely and respond nicely.

The problem of deficient blood supply to vagina occurs due to an enzyme PDE-5. This enzyme becomes hindrance and pushes blood away from the vagina. Initial working of Lovegra includes inhibition of this enzyme. On the same the drug is also termed as PDE-5 inhibitor. The drug also ejects cGMP enzyme, which is a main source of carrying blood to the vagina. Sufficient blood in the vagina wets it completely and helps in making an act a great success. Throughout the act vagina remains wet so that no problem occur in intercourse. This way Lovegra treats sexual dysfunction problem in women.

Women have to greatly take care that they are stick with dosing instructions instructed by the physician. Lovegra should not be taken without prescription. The drug dose varies greatly but the most recommended dose of Lovegra is 100mg. After taking the drug if feel like making changes in the dose take doctors advice first. Lovegra is an oral drug and should be taken with water. Tablet should be consumed as a whole piece. Chewing mashing and breaking affects drug effectivity adversely, thus avoid them. There is no set time for taking the drug. The only one thing to be avoided is heavy fat meals. They reduce drug reaction time.

Lovegra should be taken only when sexually aroused. There is no need to take it daily. In fact, becoming habitual to it should be avoided. One time consumption of a drug in a day is enough. Overdose should be annulled as it leads to side effects. Follow these dose advices and remain happy.

Lovegra show certain side effects sometimes but it happens very rarely. It has attached with it two types of side effects- serious and less serious ones. Less serious side effects normally occurs on intake, especially in initial stages. They remain for a short time and vanish on own. No health check up is required in their case. Later, when a woman becomes regular with the drug these side effects stop showing face completely. They include headache, flushing of face, diarrhea, upset stomach, running nose, etc. If in two to three days these side effects do not vanish seek medical advice. Do not let them stay for a long time.

Side effects that affect health badly due to intake of Lovegra are prolonged straightening, breathlessness, pain in chest, fast heartbeat, seizures, itching, hives, swelling etc. Men should run for immediate medical checkup if encounter any of these severe side effects.

Storage tips come mentioned on prescription label. They are must to follow. Every drug should be stored in a good order. Lovegra is also a drug and has its own storage instructions. Read about them and follow with the drug. Lovegra tabs come in a pack. The pack required to be stored appropriately. The first safety step is to keep it away from intense heat, light and moisture. They spoil the tabs and no longer can women use them. The pack should be kept away from kitchen and bathroom also as their warm and humid temperature is not right for the drug storage. This drug best sustains in room temperature only. Set the temperature in between 15 to 30 degree Celsius. In fact, the pack of Lovegra should be kept inside air tight box. Make sure the box surrounding is clean. Last but not the least, dump expired Lovegra tabs on expiration.

For instance, follow doctor’s advice strictly while taking the drug. It will lead to safe treatment. Sufferers of kidney, liver or heart ache etc. should take Lovegra on prescription only. Women allergic to Sildenafil should not take this drug. As the drug is known for causing slight dizziness thus women should not operate any machinery for few hours after taking it. Nitrates react with Sildenafil and leads to severe health hazards. Thus, avoid consuming it. Other combinations with Lovegra that are dangerous to health are of alcohol, grapefruit, and grapefruit juice. Avoid them. On experiencing side effects after taking the drug it is suggested to see a doctor soon. Follow all these safeguard measures while taking Lovegra and give your treatment process a boost.

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