Natural Foods to Increase Your Libido

Not mentally prepared to go for Viagra yet? Following are the 10 essential tips you may not have to. Numerous natural ways subsists that can facilitate to get you and your sexual partner back below the sheets or wherever else strikes your desire. And please do not be anxious—you are definitely not alone. According to researches, sexual dysfunction is experienced by both men and women of all age categories for a range of reasons including aged people, chronic sickness, strain, and nervousness. Did you aware of the fact that there are foodstuffs that can naturally raise your libido, increase your reproductive health and flicker your sexual enthusiasm? Flavor up your sexual life by adding these foods in the diet:

Wild salmon

Wild salmon and other fishes such as Trout, anchovies, Sardines and herring are assured to increase your sexual endurance and overall fitness as they are astonishingly rich in omega-3. These vital fatty acids are dangerous to the healthy function of your mind and nervous system, fight gloominess and recover your frame of mind, reminiscence and mind supremacy.


Watermelon is a stimulating summer fruit fully loaded with L-citrulline which is an amino acid that helps enhance blood flow to the personal body parts. It is like Nature’s medication on sex without the side effects. L-citrulline improvises blood flow in the human body by initially converting to L-arginine and later to nitric oxide which is associated with dilation of the blood streams. Low levels of nitric oxide are linked with mental and physical exhaustion and sexual dysfunction.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate’s numerous advantages are fine recognized, counting its capability to imitate the impression of being in love. A small number of people will dispute with the truth that chocolate makes one experience actually brilliant. This is not only due to its flavor and texture; it is also thankfulness to a compound in chocolate called phenylethylamine that supposed to create the emotion of being in love.


Asparagus has been declared as a booming aphrodisiac from the time of prehistoric era. This veggie is fully loaded with high proportions of potassium and folic acid as well as vitamin B that helps boost the creation of histamine which is significant for a vigorous sex drive in both males and females.


These shellfish are particularly significant for males, though, since they are packed zinc which is crucial for testosterone production and the preservation of healthy sperm. It
boosts up sexual fancies in both the genders through a sexual hormone known as dopamine.


Blueberries are fully loaded with antioxidants and have the capability to loosen up the blood vessels thus allowing enhanced transmission of blood. This actually means improved blood circulation to the sexual organ and treats male impotence. They are popularly known for increasing the dopamine levels as they provide the body a superior capability to discharge this feel-good hormone.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a brilliant libido inoculation for both males and females as they are supposed to boost sexual eagerness and enthusiasm. They are also extremely rich in zinc which is essential for testosterone. Even if females have extreme a lesser amount of testosterone than males, it still plays a significant part in their sexual acts. They also consist of high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which play as an ancestor of prostaglandins – a hormone like compounds essential for sex lifestyle.


Although the thinking of garlic might not straight away summon up romance, it is said to be an influential aphrodisiac as it consists of allicin, an element considered to enhance blood transmission and sexual act by rising blood flow to the sexual body parts.


Avocados are best known for boosting up both male and female libido since they are a brilliant foundation of folic acid which helps the body in metabolizing proteins and supply vigor. They are also loaded with vitamin B6 which enhances the production of male hormones and potassium which boosts female libido by helping to control and manage the thyroid gland in woman.


Peanuts are brilliant libido enhancers particularly for males as they are an affluent natural foundation of L-arginine. This amino acid helps recover sexual dysfunction in men by comforting blood vessels.