Oily and Dry Skin Problems

Not many people like oily skin; it makes their face look like the oil reservoirs of Saudi Arabia as seen from the sky. Also, not many people appreciate the fact that the oil makes all the dust stick to their face giving them a very grimy look. The area of our face where the oil accumulates is known as the T-zone, it covers a huge area of our face stretching from the chin and going all the way up to the forehead. This area generates so much oil hat if its surface was the map of some country then all their fuel related problems would have been solved. Jokes apart, oily skin is a result of over reactive glands which are common in both, men and women but the number of men having oily skin is more than the number of women because of the fact that oily skin is a result of excess of the male hormones which are blocked by estrogen in the case of women. Ts the male hormone is a minority in women; it tends to get overwhelmed by the female hormones.

So many people suffer from oily skins in the worlds that no researcher has ever been able to give a fixed number. In most of the cases it is the issue of genetics as oily skin is generally inherited by you from someone in your family, it could be your parents and grandparents. The chance of a person suffering from oily skin does not depend on his ethnic background. It is just something that you are born with like a birthmark, some people have it and some people and some people don’t, it is something that cannot be prevented. It is like trying to prevent you from coming back to the surface of the earth after jumping. Not everything related to oily skin is bad. It makes your face look younger as you grow older and it does a better job of it when compare to normal or dry skin.

There are many ways by which oily skin can be controlled. The most important of these is proper cleaning:

Choose your soap wisely:

Most people try to get rid of oily skin by washing with just any soap. However, this should be avoided as not all soaps help in removing oily skin and some may have a negative impact which could deteriorate your skin rather than improving it. That is why, it is advised that you do not use just about any soap on your face, it is recommended that you use special oil control soaps that are easily available in the market. It is advised that you do not share anyone’s soap as the soap which they use may not be the one that matches your skin type.

Try something other than soap:

It is not necessary to just use soaps you could also use other cleaning agents like cleansing lotions as they too are equally effective in removing the oil from your face. Products like ’Oxy’ and ‘Neutrogena’ are also effective in removing oil and also fight against ace making them a very good choice. Studies have shown that liquid soaps work better than normal soaps when it come sto removing oil from your face. Always remember that if you clean your face properly and take proper precautions against oily skin, then it may not be stopped but can always be kept in check.

Dry skin is not as cool as it is made to look in most of the john Wayne movies, the weather-beaten look lost its charm a long time ago and people are not able to associate with it nowadays. Once the cracks start showing more prominently on your face, all your hero worship will go down the drain and you will realize the enormity of the situation. If it persists, it will lead to itching and when that itch is scratched, it grows and the whole cycle of itching and scratching begins. As mentioned earlier, the first symptoms of dry skin are the cracks that begin to show up on your face, not only is this very uncomfortable, it’s very dangerous at the same time because of the fact that it could lead to bacterial infection. In a very terrible scenario, dry skin can lead to dermatitis and even eczema which leads to the formation of rashes and that is when you should know that you are in big trouble.

Dryness of the skin is seen more in men than in women owing to the nature of their work. This is because men generally work in such places where there is a lot of dirt and the fact that they get exposed to a lot of wind and sun also does not help their cause. It is because of this nature of work that things like chemicals and detergent end up in their fingernails. It is with these nails that they scratch their dry skin, giving the bacteria easy access. No one takes dryness of the skin seriously until it reaches a point at which the pain is unbearable. If dry skin appears in non-facial areas then its appearance is covered by wearing clothes and then no one bothers about it until it reaches a stage where it cannot be ignored. The back and the feet are two such places.

Most people think that dry skin is caused by the loss of oil from the body but that is totally false, and thus they apply oil on the dry area so as to replenish the quantity of oil, but dry skin appears on the body due to the lack of water and not oil. When people apply oil on the dry area, they actually stop the water from going oil and thus, helping in retaining water which is very important if you want to get rid of dry skin.

Now that we know that the cause of dry skin is lack of water, we have to make sure that we are able to conserve the water which is present in our bodies. You do not need to hold a degree in rocket science to derive that the best way conserve water in our bodies is to drink a lot of it. We have to avoid things which tend to rob our face of its moisture.
People with dry skin are also recommended to take fewer and hotter showers. It is also recommended that you use lukewarm water to have your bath and not hot water. Also make sure that you moisturize your skin regularly. Using a moisturizer after a bath can do wonders to get rid of your dry skin. Do not rub the water off with a towel after a bath; pat you with the towel gently as this is known to do a world of good to someone suffering from dry skin.

Dry skin is not that big a problem if you can take proper care of yourself. So please pay heed to the tips given above and stay safe.