Physical and Mental Relief through Yoga

Yoga improves blood circulation by giving essential stress to the body muscles. When you are going to do yoga it is important to have proper location, fresh atmosphere and enough silent so that you can get maximum benefits of yoga exercises. All these things will also help you to achieve that you really want. Yoga should be done in the pollution less area like your home garden or any park. Don’t do yoga exercises in the direct sunlight.

Timing is very important for yoga exercises. Early morning is the right time to do yoga exercises. In morning time you get fresh air, pollution less atmosphere and silent. As we have mentioned above that these three things are very important to do yoga exercises. Yoga exercises should be done in an empty stomach and before breakfast. This time is the best time to perform yoga exercises. Yoga generates enough energy to perform your daily activities and keep you energetic throughout the day. It also makes you feel hungry for the breakfast. Evening timing is also good for yoga but make sure your stomach should be empty. Yoga instructors suggest doing yoga only in the morning time. Total yoga exercising timing should not be more the 2 hours and it should be done before 2 hours of breakfast time.

After doing yoga relax your body completely and take some good rest. Go for only lighter and healthy breakfast instead of heavy meals. If you are beginner then perform yoga exercises step by step slowly. Don’t get too much excided and don’t go for difficult positions or exercises in which you are not feeling comfortable. Perform only those exercises in which you are pretty sure to do them in right way. Uncomfortable exercises postures may cause you problems. Before going to bed just go for a simple prayer and don’t even try to do any yoga exercise. In yoga you can perform all the exercises one by one. There are several exercises in yoga but you do not have any need to perform all the exercises. After exercises you can perform breathing exercises that are called pranayama. Meditation is very useful to reduce stress from our mind. Meditation is incomplete without pranayama (Breathing exercises). In other words you can say that breathing exercises are must for successful meditation. You can perform meditation any time of the day whenever you feel free. But it is important that you should avoid meditation after 3 to 4 hours of eating because at this point of time your brain needs rest and your body needs sleep. So, avoid doing meditation after eating meals. After meals it’s better to have sleep or rest instead of meditation.

Focus on your exercises and ready to learn any one new yoga exercise every day. Whenever you do yoga make sure that you are doing it in correct way. Always follow the instructions of your yoga instructor. Stay away from those people who have negative thinking about everything. Motivate yourself to perform any one new yoga exercise. Now let’s talk about some benefits of yoga exercise on our health.

To slow down the pulse rate yoga plays a wonderful role. People who are affected from heart diseases, blood pressure related problems like high BP or low BP, stroke etc. can do yoga exercises to get sufficient relief.

Yoga also reduces the high cholesterol levels of the body. In the recent studies it is found that people who perform yoga exercises on regular basis can easily avoid back pain, asthma, insomnia and all other health related problems.

Yoga exercises also give strengthen to your immune system and make it strong. After doing yoga exercises for some time you will feel the positive effects on your body.

Yoga also improves your flexibility level and any age group of people can perform yoga exercises.

Regular practice of yoga helps to reduce the stress level and keep your mind calm for long period of time. To achieve mental peace yoga plays very important role.

To maintain healthy body weight and for better metabolism yoga is very important.

Doing yoga exercises regularly also give strengthen to our muscles. It also improves your concentration power and sharpens your brain.

To energize our heart and to give strengthen to our lungs yoga plays a vital role in our life.



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