Quit Smoking to Live Healthily

One of the biggest threats to the sexual health of men and women is Smoking. Gradually and gradually it makes their sexual health worse and finally deprive of them sexual pleasure forever. In starting may be the signs are not visible but this is stark reality. Smoking is injurious to normal health and sexual health both. Medical researchers world over has discovered that people having smoking habit lose sexual potency for sure. In other words, they become impotent, hence incapable of performing sexual act. This ill habit induces sexual incapability and completely devastates people sexual lives. The addiction of smoking is very bad. It affects the entire body and sexuality to the most. One of the main things that body loses due to smoking is body resistance. When body loses resistance power, it is likely to suffer from many diseases and health problem on a large scale. But the main constituent of cigarette that attracts mind towards tobacco is nicotine. Nicotine has a great addictive power. Once smoking is started person becomes dependant on it. It’s then hard to stop it. In spite of raising plenty of campaigns against smoking, media shows a lot of its negative consequences and so on; still it is much popular among people. People enjoy it.

Smoking has a grave impact on men sexuality. Men who smoke a lot their sperm count reduce to a considerable degree. Less sperm count leads to making them infertile or sterile. And this happens for a long time or says for forever. When men become infertile due to less sperm count understand the situation is pathetic. It is hard for men then to recover sexual state back. No treatments are available for this condition. Hence, smoking is the unhealthiest habit men indulge in. Other ill effect of smoking on men is that it causes erectile dysfunction in them. There are many other causes that induce ED in men, but smoking is one of the biggest reasons. It is even proved in research too. Smoking are of two types- active and passive, and both types of smoking is capable of causing ED. No doubt active smokers will be affected the most but passive smokers should also have to be careful enough.

Other than that smoking also causes coronary heart diseases. During smoking plaques get banked in the arteries and this causes less blood supply in the body. Less blood supply to heart causes problems in heart and leads to many problems. Smoking also causes respiratory disorder which decreases men’s sexual ability and make them sexually unsound. Premature ejaculation is also noted in men much habitual to smoking. Control over one’s breath gives a person authority to have control over many problems of life or even over life itself. It is a very old belief. Earlier when medications were not available breathing used to play a great role in reducing tension and stress. Anxiety is the biggest foe of people and there is no one without problems. If you are wondering how breathing can help in abbreviating tension read the complete article for detail information. And yes, it is not normal breathing that abridges tension, rather deep breathing. Read the plus points of deep breathing and be away from tension, stress and anxiety.

Deep breathing is very good at enhancing concentration power. Medical science has itself proved it. This is a major benefit of deep breathing. High concentration is a sign of mind is healthy and can think well. Cells in the brain become active and full of energy with regular practice of deep breathing. This way one feels good at work and enjoys working completely. You do not need to locate any particular place and time for exercising deep breathing. It can be done anywhere. Whether at home or office deep breathing is easy to execute. This deep inhalation and deep exhalation process of air greatly relaxes mind and body.

If at any particular time you feel rising up of anxiety level within you suddenly start taking deep breaths. Results will appear right then and you will be much relaxed. This activity is truly useful and works immediately. People who regularly suffer from hay fever is advised to do deep breathing exercise on daily basis. They will soon find drastic positive change in their fever. Its frequency will reduce considerably. So whenever suffer from such fever remind you of deep breathing and get immediate treatment for gratis. People have to give speech or presentation at office or do any other public speaking are strictly advised to do some deep breathing prior to it. By doing so, your tension level will boil down to a great degree. Confidence also soar high of doing the task. Hence, the benefits of deep breathing are multiple.

Deep breathing exercises have great impact on one’s quality of life. If tension is shamming your life quality just switches to this deep exercise regime. The tension level will go down largely and you will remain fit and fine. After going through plenty of deep breathing benefits it is sure you will realize its importance and make it your routine. It is also an indication that you do not need to go here and there for calmness in life. Many take medications for composed life. But effectivity of deep breathing is unmatchable. This matchless technique is different from the rest and has amazing effects on mind and body both. Go for deep breathing and quit medications. Surely after doing it daily you will feel better in you. In fact, you can feel the difference very soon. Learn the art of deep breathing and have better life.

Not only men’s, but smoking affects women’s fertility too. It also causes unnatural menopause in women. Smoking affects women ovaries. Their menstruation cycle gets affected and they have to bear much pain during those days. Women who smoke usually suffer from much problem during pregnancy. The entire reproductive organ gets affected by smoking. Last but not the least, smoking makes women suffer from orgasm achieving problems too. After going through so many bad effects of smoking surely you will now try to reduce this habit. If you are much used to it and find quitting smoking impossible then learn one thing impossible itself says, ‘I AM POSSBLE’. You can anytime take help of medications for it. Consult your physicians and ask him to refer you anti smoking drugs like Generic Zyban. This effective smoking cessation medication has already helped a lot and will truly work for you too.