Reasons of Unexpected Weight Gain in Women

One of the main reasons of gain weight is consuming more calories and burn less calories. Besides it there are several other things that also count in unexpected weight gain like bad eating habits, lifestyle etc. You cannot ignore any of the reason from all these several reasons of weight gain in women. To maintain a healthy body weight one should change their eating habits as well as lifestyle. Rapid weight gain is a condition in which a person gains more weight in a short period of time. This short period of time is an alarming time for those women who face unexpected weight gain. There is not a single reason of weight gain and you cannot also explain the all reasons.

Imbalance of blood sugar levels: Contain simple carbohydrates in your regular meals can increase the blood sugar levels in your body and these carbohydrates are responsible are responsible for the imbalance of blood sugar levels in your body. To maintain blood sugar levels one should lower the intake of simple carbohydrates and sugary food items in your regular meals. Consuming these simple carbohydrates in your regular meals for some period of time continuously is also a big reason of rapid weight gain. One should avoid consuming simple carbohydrates to control blood sugar levels as well as to control body weight of a person.

Overeating: Overeating is also one of the primary causes of unexpected weight gain. Eating wrong food items like fried foods, fast food etc. and bad eating habits can increase body weight of a person. A well balanced and nutrient rich diet is very important to maintain healthy food items. For appropriate fitness one should avoid overeating and focus on only healthy food items like vegetables, fruits, lentils, dairy products, sprouts etc. If possible then avoid to consume chicken, red meat, beef, eggs etc. as they contain more calories and carbohydrates and these two nutrients are responsible for unwanted weight gain.

Aging: Aging is also considered as one of the main causes of unexpected weight gain in women. Due to reduced activity your body burn off lesser calories and in results it increase your body weight. Staying active at this age is quiet difficult and by including some healthy food items but can remain fit and healthy. These healthy food items help to control your body weight and keep you away from unexpected weight gain.

Imbalance of hormones: You might know that weight gain is directly linked up with hormonal changes. Imbalance of hormones is also responsible for sudden weight gain in women. Insulin, progesterone, estrogen etc. are some hormones that help to control weight of your body.

These are some main causes of weight gain in women but besides these reasons there are responsible for sudden weight gain. Some of these reasons of sudden weight gain are weight gain during pregnancy and during menopause. Weight gain during pregnancy is a normal thing but sudden weight gain during pregnancy is a notable thing. This sudden weight gain causes problems in mother as well as her unborn baby. This sudden weight gain can also make difficulty to the delivery to the baby. This sudden weight gain also lead to several serious problems like back pain, fatigue and gestational diabetes. Another reason of sudden rapid weight gain is weight gain during menopause. In this case most of the women start to gain weight around the belly area instead of hips. One should not worry about this because this happens by hormonal imbalance.

The best way to avoid sudden weight gain is to improve healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. If you gain sudden weight gain then you should consult your doctor about it. Along with it one should also improve their lifestyle to maintain healthy body weight.