Reduce Skin Pores Naturally

Pores on the skin are big problem. Blackheads, pimples, skin rashes, breakouts and skin problems mainly occur due to large pores only. When skin pores are many and big as well, dirt, dust easily gets accumulated on the skin leading to skin disorders. Prevention from skin pores is all-important. Although it is not easy to get rid of large pores once formed, but some natural methods can help out in dealing with them. At beauty salons also treatment for skin pores is given. However, natural remedies are better to go for. They have no or least side effects. Natural remedies for overcoming skin pores are:

Apply Tomato Mask on Face

Tomatoes are very good for face. Skin gets benefited in two ways with the application of tomatoes on the face. In reducing pores of the skin the mask of tomatoes is very beneficial. This mask also works as bleaching agent for the face. Hence, two purposes get solved with the tomato mask. It is easy to prepare tomato mask at home. Cut the tomato into two or four pieces and take out the seeds. Then squash the tomatoes till they a paste is formed out of it. Apply the paste on the face. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes after the application of the paste and then rinse off face with lukewarm water. For the dry skin, adding some yogurt to the paste is good as it aids in moisturizing the skin.

Apply Baking Soda

Baking soda is also very good and effective remedy for reducing big skin pore problem. People have tried this solution and are happy with the results. Baking soda improves skin in many ways. Except reducing pores size, it also removes dirt and dead cells from the skin. Have a look on how to apply baking soda.

Prior the application makes sure you have washed face with the face wash. Baking soda should be applied on clean skin only. After this, take two tablespoon baking soda on hand and mix water in it. Make a paste out of it and apply on the face. Use hands in circular motions while applying. Do not keep the paste on the face. Just keep rubbing the paste gently for one minute and then wash the face with cold water. Pat face with soft towel. Continue this process for almost a week and you will see the reduction in your pore sizes. Apply baking soda paste only once a day. Before going to sleep do this.

Mask of Eggs and Orange Juice

Mask of eggs and orange juice is tremendously effective in scaling down skin pores size. This combination also tones the skin and enhances complexion. For bleaching skin also this mask is of use. In a half glass orange juice mix two eggs. Make a solution and apply on the face. Keep the solution on face for around 25 minutes. Wash face with lukewarm water only. The end result will be very soothing and soft. These natural procedures also impart radiant and shiny skin along with minimizing pore sizes. The results can be experienced in a short time. Effect of natural measures stays for a long time. Apply the above tips daily and get healthy and bright skin.

Lightheadedness and Its Causes

A feeling that you are about to fall is called dizziness or lightheadedness. Many people experience it on day to day life. Some go through it on a regular basis while other rarely. Dizziness occurs due to some health related reasons only. It does not occur simply. It is important to know the cause of giddiness so that proper treatment can be taken. The article is started with spreading knowledge about vertigo causes. These are some of the causes of lightheadedness:

Drop in blood pressure

When suddenly a person suffers from low blood pressure, he or she experiences dizziness in the brain. It happens because blood supply cuts during low blood pressure. When brain does not receive blood and oxygen it is bound to suffer from wooziness. Low blood pressures affects brain functioning and makes a person feel dizzy. Other than dizziness, a person suffering from low blood pressure may also experience symptoms like sweating, sickness, vomiting, chest pain, etc.

Due to alcohol

Alcohol and dizziness are connected to each other like gum. One who boozes suffers from dizziness for sure. Alcohol is considered one of obvious causes of lightheadedness. On consuming alcohol, the level of sugar in the blood goes down. This results in lightheadedness. Headache is another common symptom seen in alcoholics.

Drop in sugar level

Drop in sugar level is one of causes of lightheadedness. When blood sugar level drops, this health condition is termed as hypoglycemia. Glucose is very important for brain functions. When sugar level dangles the supply of glucose going to the brain gets disturb. This results in dizziness. A person also sweats profusely.


Anemia is a condition when person’s hemoglobin is less than the normal. Hemoglobin goes down due to the lack of red blood cells. Body also lacks on vigor and strength and become unable to do any work properly. Low hemoglobin affects oxygen supply to the blood, which finally results in causing lightheadedness.


When body is not provided with water in sufficient amount, a fainting feeling may occur. Especially in summer season, people go though dizziness due to dehydration. Less water in the body makes body dehydrated. The only way to cover up the loss is to increase water uptake.

During maternity

When a woman expects a baby, the starting happens with symptoms like dizziness, vomiting and fatigue only. Hence, if you are expecting a baby and suffer from dizziness, do check up with doctor and find out the cause. To suffer from lightheadedness is a common sign in pregnancy. Hence, do not worry about dizziness in pregnancy.

Unhealthy eating

People with unhealthy eating habits commonly suffer from dizziness. It is one of common causes. One should eat in decent amount. Eating should not be overdone neither underdone. Skipping means is a very bad habit. For long time when stomach is not fed, dizziness occurs. The acid present in the stomach starts burning intestine linings, due to which drowsiness takes place. Regularize your eating habits and stay away from dizziness.

A professional treatment should only be taken for dizziness, if going through it is frequent.