Signs and symptoms of summer sickness

Summer is just going to step in, winter would be gone soon. Not only would you and your children be affected by the summer season and it heat, but also the impact of change in climate would be adverse. Extreme heat of the summer season is known make people get sick. Children are more prone to get affected by the scorching heat of the upcoming summer. Fever, having a soar throt, getting cold, high or mild fever etc is some illness associated with summer sickness. Being a parent you can secure and protect your child and you can also protect yourself by doing nothing but just proper care and following some simple precautionary measures which would you help you evade summer sickness.

The long term vacations often fall within summer season; and hence during this phase or this period of time, children are mostly at home. And more than being at home they get outside the houses, into the field, under the sun, without thinking about what time of the day it is and how would the scorching heat affect them. Parents thus need to take lot of care and pay much heeding attention to their children’s. However when it comes to working parents, it is mostly not possible for them to spare out so much of their valuable time, even then if you are just aware about the common illness that pertain during the season of summer, then you may very easily take the measures in a manner that does not affect your value of time. And this may make your child to enjoy to the fullest in their holiday breaks without getting any exhaustion or falling ill.

Is your child all of a sudden getting exhausted more often then what he used to?  Well there is no need for panic situation, or get tensed up, this could be nothing more than just the sudden approaching summer season. The change in weather season also leads to impactful change in the way we live, our routines do get effected and such drastic or sudden change may lead the child to get and feel lazy and get exhausted of earlier which you have not seen any signs. Even though it all not a so much serious problem that you may wonder, but you must be attentive about the common symptoms, signs , infections that the summer sickness brings with it. It’s only after being well inform that you can help yourself and your child.

Some of the reasons as to why children or person get affected by the common summer illnesses are:

  • Sunstroke – Usually when the person or children goes in the sun, he or she forgets to often hydrate themselves properly. Without much water available in the body, a sudden exposure to extreme heat could result in you getting a heatstroke which may also lead to a very high fever.
  • Summer boils – Your body could heat up faster than anything when it comes to summer boils and its starts to appear in the different parts of the body in the form of boils. In case you too face a similar situation, nothing but a proper professional medical ailment is what you need.
  • Allergies – Over recently it has been found out that, people and children’s are known to be affected by simple allergies of sun allergies and heat allergies.
  • Water born diseases – Water born disease starts to spread out much faster during the summer season. Illness such as diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid, cholera, jaundice is some of the water borne diseases. You may need to be extra precautionary in case you indulge or have a habit of having food outside your home.
  • Outdoor food borne diseases – As the environment starts to get warmer as the summer season comes nearby, bacteria starts to grow much faster and thus there is often possibility of your food being infected by food poisoning.
  • Poliovirus: The polio virus starts to pick up especially during the summer season. The symptoms of which are unnoticeable. The child may feel a slight throat problem along with fever. However, you may take a deep breath if you have already vaccinated your child. Vaccinating your child with polio is absolutely necessary and it is also free.

Here are some ways by which can keep your child away from summer sickness:

  • As already mentioned, if you are the person who eats food outside your home, strictly avoid that. Prefer homemade food which contains fresh fruits and vegetable along with cool beverages. Also limit your intake of fried, oily and spicy food.
  • Hydrate yourself and your children regularly by having a habit of drinking plenty of water. Also be concerned that you intake purified water so that its free from germs and bacteria’s.
  • Carry with yourself as liquids whenever you go out, so that you can stop yourself from having water from outside.
  • You own diet along with your Childs diet needs to be taken proper care of, have more of fiber rich diet.
  • Lemon Juice, Coconut water or any other natural fluids are known to take proper care of your body by re-hydrating it.
  • Light color clothing, along with loose fitting, probably a cotton clothing is preferable to wear.
  • Though there might be high pinch of heat, try not to avoid basic exercises twice in a day.
  • Bathing twice a day to stay cool and be free of germs is absolutely necessary for you and your child.

This are all the precautionary measures and steps that you must pertain to , so that you can keep yourself and your child healthy and lively.