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Silagra – Best Invention Ever

Sometimes people may suffer from depression and stressed with this problem. With Silagra 100mg impotent men can regain their sexual potency back and enjoy the sexual activity at any stage of life. For impotent men it is very difficult to maintain healthy sexual life and most of the men feel embarrassed to talk about such disability. Silagra 100mg is the proved solution for erectile dysfunction cure by many sexual health advisors and experts. Men can buy Silagra online at our online generic Viagra store without any hassle. It is very easy to buy the drug online and get it at your home. We provide the shipping facility all over the glove. Just you have to visit us online and purchase product of your own choice. Our prices are also very cheap and we never compromise customer’s privacy and quality of the drugs.
Working Mechanism of Silagra:
As silagra is the replica of brand Viagra and one of the types of Generic Viagra, hence the working procedure of the medication is similar to its other variants. The composition of the drug is also same i.e the active ingredient and the percentage of Sildenafil Citrate is same. By removing PDE5 enzymes and increasing the rate of CGMP enzymes, It helps impotent men to get rid of impotency. To get the best solution for the impotence treatment, buy Silagra 100mg online today. It is safe, reliable and very cheap that every common man can also buy. The effect of this medication is for 4 to 5 hours. During this period of time impotent men can also feel erection several times and enjoy the love making process without any hurdle.
Dosage Tips of Silagra:
Silagra 100mg single pill is recommended for the whole day. It doesn’t mean that you take silagra every day. Never get habitual of this drug. Take it when you want to indulge in the love making activity and your male organ is not responding well. Not that no drug can cure impotence problem, they can just treat erectile dysfunction for some time. If you haven’t tried this drug then start with the dosage of 25 mg or 50 mg. Then increase it to 100mg after the consultation. Prior medical consultation is needed before taking the drug to avoid side effects of remedy.
Silagra – Side Effects:
Yes there are some side effects that came with this drug but if you take it under prescription and with proper instruction you can minimize them. The side effects are quite common and are similar to its other generic Viagra types. Abnormal heart beat, blood pressure and headache are the common side effects of Silagra. If you drink alcohol then these side effects may become worse and sometimes leads to death also.
It is mandatory to check for the expiry of the drugs before consumption so as the case with Silagra 100mg. Check it before consumption and expired drugs should be disposed well so that no one can get the expired drugs. Children and women are not allowed to take this drug in any case. There is other drug named Lovegra that helps women to treat their sexual disorder. Nitrates, heavy and deep fried foods, alcohol and smoking should be avoided with this drug.

Also never mix any other drug with Silagra. If you are regular user of other drugs like blood pressure drugs then never take this generic drug without the prior consultation. Combination of Silagra with other drugs can cause severe health hazards.