Skin Care Tips in Monsoon Season

As we all know, its time for monsoon although we love monsoon, but our skin have to face tough climate compare to summer. In monsoon our skin requires special care since it easily gets affected even by a minor infection. Besides avoiding eating junk foods or other outside food, we have to take care of a few things to continue with our original pretty looking skin. Let’s discuss best 4 Skin Care Tips to Maintain Healthy Skin in Monsoon Season.

Best 4 skin care tips

1. Regular deep cleansing

In monsoon, the moisture in the atmosphere raises dramatically, which leads to the blocked pores and eventually results in acne problems. A well-known fact is that due to rainy season our skin becomes very oily and hence, dust particles attracts to our skin that leads to acne. To avoid these two previously mentioned situations, we need to do proper cleansing to avoid dust, pollutants and other dirt particles. Cleansing also enables you to avoid the saturation elements particularly, sweat. Cleaning not only helpful to avoid acne, but it includes some other advantages like it provides smooth and young looking skin. This tip enables you to look as fresh as you look in summer.

2. Be dry to avoid fungal infection

First, the monsoon season then its rain, in short it is tough to avoid wetness, which is essential to avoid fungal infection. Fungal infection, the most possible infection during rainy or monsoon season and the only way to get rid of it is to keep yourself dry. There are a few tricks to keep yourself dry; according to doctors bathing twice a day can work in your favour. Another thing you can do is to avoid wearing tight clothes like jeans, body hugging clothes, etc. Apart from that you can wear cotton clothes or other ventilating clothes.

3. Special care of Face

However, it is always suggested to wash your face twice a day, you should follow this suggestion, especially in monsoon. You have multiple choices from gentle soaps to face packs. While soaps are basic care, face packs can provide you the ultimate care and enhance your facial glow. However, there are many brands available in market, but still you have traditional choices of face packs that you can create at home with the assistance of your grandmother. Remember, in older days` modern face packs are not available and our grandmothers used to consume traditional face packs that are composed of natural substances to manage the glow of their faces, even in monsoon.

4. Take a proper diet

Our diet plays a very significant part in our life so it is compulsory to stick to a nice diet, according to your body weight and your daily routine. Besides healthy diet eating in accurate proportion is very important. However, it is important to manage diet in every season, but monsoon requires something even more. Since the atmosphere change affects the human body so you need to be immune to all the possible infections. A nice monsoon diet includes nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. It’s obvious to get bore from same food, considering that you should include a number of healthy cuisines in your diet plan. These things have potential to maintain the glow on your face since apart from outer care even the inner immunity is very important. Follow these tips and you can surely win over the monsoon effects.