Smoking- The causes, effects and how to treat

Smoking has become the reason for most of the health problems in Millions of Americans. In fact, this is a common addiction in most of the countries of the globe, which is found in almost all the age categories. People get addicted to smoking because of various reasons. In a few it may be because of stress and anxiety and in a few it may be because they feel warm when smoking in the colder places. In youngsters it has become a vogue to smoke. Cigarettes are the wrapped container of tobacco. Nicotine is one of the components found in cigarettes. When someone smokes it is not only the cigar that gets burnt each time, but the respiratory system too is burnt. Cigars are available in flavors like vanilla, cloves, lavender oil etc to attract more people. In spite of the statutory warning, smoking is injurious to health, many people fall a prey to this dangerous habit. Negative emotions stand a greater reason for getting addicted to smoking. Many researches are conducted to find about the ill effects of smoking and it is found that higher numbers of US people are addicted to this gruesome habit.

Causes of Smoking:
The most of said reason for smoking is stress. People feel to overcome stress and tension of the day with the cigars. A few people, who work in a pressurized environment and those who suffer from negative emotions are often addicted to smoking.


Publicizing smoking with attractive ads is another reason why people get addicted to smoking. In a few countries like India, advertising the cigarettes is banned by the law. However, this has not brought down the number of smokers.


Smoking is believed to offer some relief to those who smoke and this is the reason why many people feel self-satisfied when they smoke.

Social Milieu:

The environment you live can also lead you to the habit of smoking. When you have friends and relatives, who smoke, you start smoking out of peer pressure.

Addiction in parents:

Children who grow up seeing the parents smoking start to smoke themselves. Soon this habit becomes addiction.
What are the effects on smoking?

You actually burn your respiratory system with every cigar. Your heart, kidney, liver, lungs, pancreas suffer a great threat due to various illnesses which include cancer, if you are addicted to smoking. You also lose the appeal of your looks. Your teeth are stained, the gums swell and bad breath is an adverse effect of smoking. You start losing eyesight gradually when you keep smoking for years. The worst part is that smoking can also increase the mortality rate. What worries most is that, not only the people who smoke are affected, but the passive smokers too are affected by the same ailments. If women smoke when they are pregnant, the unborn child too is affected. Also, it may result in problems like miscarriage, placenta getting separated from the womb and can lead to weight development in the child. Hereditary disorders too can happen. Smoking can also lead to sex related problems in the smokers.


The most common diseases found in the smokers are the oral cancer and lung cancer. Also, smoking leads to cancers in throat, gullet, and pancreas. Larynx, and abdomen. In women, cervical cancer can be caused because of smoking. Smoking has an adverse effect on the bones of women, which leads to the fracture of the bones in the waist area.

Cardiovascular Diseases:

When the organs related to the heart, like the blood vessels are affected, cardio vascular diseased crop up. They are major reasons for mortality. When tobacco is consume through cigars or orally, the cholesterol gets clogged up in the arteries resulting in heart attack and other heart diseases.

Respiratory system diseases:

Smokers often face problems related to breathing. One example is the chronic obstructive pulmonary. This results in blocking the flow of air in the wind pipe and the smoker experiences breathing troubles. Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are other examples. The former lead to the damage of alveoli and the latter is a result of coughing regular with mucus.

Treatments available to overcome smoking addiction:

Though it is not easy to stop smoking, it is not impossible. Usually the term addiction is used when one cannot come out of a habit. There are various methods one can choose to quit smoking. In fact, smoking is considered an illness which can be cured, if the smoker is determined.

Social and Behavioral Background:

You need to understand the importance of the social and behavioral background. You need to become a member of the non-smoking groups. Peer pressure is the reason for addiction most of the times. So, change the way you behave. Avoid stress and anxiety. Also become a part of the groups that interest and inspire you. Your mind should be freed from the addiction which is possible only when you change the environment around you.

Nicotine Replacement Treatment:

You can gradually decrease the habit of smoking when you go for nicotine replacement. This is done by offering medicines that are similar to nicotine in the taste but have no adverse effects on the body. You can try any of the products like the special gum, nasal spray, inhalers, throat lozenges and nicotine patches that can be used on the skin. When you use these products the amount of nicotine consumed is lesser, but the satisfaction is what you get from normal cigars. You can find products that are approved by the FDA. It is better to stick to the instructions to the T, as there are side effects like dizziness and headaches associated, if you do not follow the instructions completely.
Medication Treatment:If nicotine replacement does not offer help, you can go for medication. Zyban is approved medicine, which is an antidepressant that helps in quitting smoking. One of the recently approved medicines is Varenicline. It is better to become a part of the smoking cession programs offered by the medical facilities, NGOs, and health centers. Varenicline tartare is prescribed if nicotine replacement does not work for these members. There are no adverse effects found still.