The ill effects of alcohol

Its so cool to see heroes drinking beer after beer and yet have the strength to fight a bunch of baddies. Makes you want to emulate them, makes you think even you will be able to become as cool as them. What you don’t realize is the fact that that you don’t live in some fantasy world but in harsh reality. You don’t realize what kind of torture you will make your body go through just to be in the ‘it’ crowd. Consumption of alcohol in large amounts will result in numerous amounts of side effects that could even result in death.

Its all around you. Parties, discos, marriage functions, weddings etc. There is a good chance that that even your dad has a mini-bar at home. Its just about alright to have just some of it but having a lot f it might just spell your doom. One you get addicted to it, there is a good chance that you will end up losing a part of your soul, or in some cases all of it. It destroys whatever chances you have of enjoying a good and healthy life. In most cases you end up hurting your loved ones, socially detached from your friends, drinking in some shady bar where nobody cares about the amount you are drinking because that filthy place is full of people like you. Check around your neighborhood and you will be alarmed to know that how many divorces are caused due to one of the spouses being alcoholic. Not only that, there are lot incidents of teenagers indulging in acts of vandalism under the influence of alcohol. Not only vandalism, under certain circumstances the atrocities of these people get more brutal and result in rape or death. Not only are these people a threat to others but there more vulnerable themselves as they become easy targets for muggers and hoodlums.

The devastation of alcohol is not just limited to your social life, it slowly and steadily starts poisoning your body. Alcohol attacks the body with a wide range of weapons, some of them start like vomiting, unconsciousness and regular fainting spells tend to become regular after a point of time. Then comes the next batch of return gifts which include depression, loss of memory and high blood pressure. As if this was not enough, the alcohol, whose quantity is quickly increasing in your blood starts to poison your blood i.e. toxins start to form in the bloodstream which may lead damaged organs particularly the liver and the kidney.

All this combined could result in a cataclysmic organ failure. And now to drop the atom bomb, even after all this a person does not stop drinking alcohol then there is a good chance that he/she may end up with diabetes or gastritis. It’s even worse if the alcoholic is a pregnant woman, because of her voice, she will be endangering her baby. Studies show that babies having alcoholic mothers have a very high chance of having mental and physical defects.

So not only does alcohol destroy your life. It also makes sure that your child also does not have a healthy start to life. If that weren’t enough motivation to quit alcohol then you seriously need to rethink your priorities. So the next time you see Homer Simpson drinking a six pack of Duff beer doesn’t get inspired to do the same. Try thinking about your family, what you want to become in life and when you do, the thought of having this intoxicating drink will be gone from your mind.