Tips to Put on Weight Fast

To increase body mass and weight it is necessary to follow a well balanced diet plan and you diet should be consisting of all important foods that helps in weight gain. Your cloths look fit and perfectly designed only for you if you gain healthy body weight. Cloths look like hanging on those who are skinny and thin built. Those who are looking to put on some healthy weight are on right page. There are several people who try their best to put some healthy weight but they fail by some reasons. Women also find skinny men less attractive as the cloths do not fit perfectly on him. A healthy and well balanced diet along with proper exercising routine no longer remain you thin and help to put healthy weight . Below we have mentioned some useful tips that can be highly beneficial for you to put on some healthy weight.

Eat six meals in a day: Eating six small meals instead of three big meals in a day is a good choice and it helps to put on healthy weight easily. Besides breakfast, lunch and dinner one should try to consume three other meals in the form of snacks, protein shakes, dry fruits, boiled eggs, cottage cheese etc. All these food items are high in calories, protein and fats hence consuming these food items are a healthy choice to put on healthy weight.

Increase the intake of calories: By increasing the intake of calories you can simply put on some healthy body weight. There are numbers of foods that are high in calories and by consuming these high calorie foods you can easily put on some muscular weight. Once you know about the intake of number of calories you should try to consume high calorie food items to achieve your goal. This all can happen easily by increase the intake of food. Sometime consuming too much food can be dangerous as one may suffer from stomach problems like gastric problems, diarrhea etc. So, it is important to eat that food items that you can digest easily.

Follow a proper weight training routine: When it comes to put on healthy weight it is important to follow a strict and proper weight training routine. Exercises not only help to gain weight but it is also a healthy way to lose weight. It is better to join a gym instructor or trainer as he is the right person who will guide you towards your goal and will helps you to achieve your goal. Exercises that work wonderfully on whole body are bench press, pull ups, pushups, squats etc. For skinny people it is also required to perform exercises with free weight like dumbbells, barbells etc. Performing exercises with free weight help you build muscles along with weight gain. For proper muscle growth you just need to consume high protein, high carbohydrates and high calorie food items. In weight training you have to work out 4 to 5 times in a week and then take break for two days.

Choose healthy food: To put on weight it is not only important to increase the number of calories but you have to come healthy food items. Your selection of food should be smart and it should be consisting of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. All these nutrients are necessary for your body to work properly.

Try weight gain supplements: There are plenty of weight gain supplements that help to put one healthy body weight and these supplements are easily available in your nearby market as well as internet. These supplements promise to weight gain and muscles gain. There are plenty of weight gain supplements that provide you empty calories as these supplements are similar to fast food. These supplements do not contain vitamins and minerals hence it is important to avoid such supplements. Besides these supplements some supplements contain Creatine monohydrates, BCAA, glutamine and all other essential vitamins and minerals. Consuming these supplements is a healthy idea but before consume such supplements one should consult the doctor or nutritionist as one can be allergic to any substance the presents in supplements.

Stay relaxed and sleep well: Stress is the main reason of weight loss hence one should stay relaxed and happy. To avoid stress one should focus on yoga and meditation. Along with it, one should try to meet with friends, family members and try out a new habit like dancing, singing etc. Take plenty of sleep as good sleep is also considered as healthy way to put on weight. Workout regularly and focus on gaining weight by consuming healthy food items. Stay healthy.