Tips to Sustain Healthy Ageing

Some things are unavoidable in life and one of them is old age, which cannot be avoided. So instead of getting tense or avoiding the situation, you should accept the reality and try to make arrangements to live a healthy ageing. It is obvious to face some changes when we switch from young age to old. The changes can be anything from physical changes to mental changes. Hence, you should be ready to face the world by keeping yourself strong in every way such as mentally, financially, socially and physically. Here, you will get top 4 tips to sustain healthy ageing.

How to maintain mental health? As we grow old our mentality plays a very important role in keeping us alive in this young oriented world. Even if you are not so physical fit, but you are mentally strong and you have a great willpower then you can surely live like a young man. Conversaly, if you are physically fit, but you lack conviction to live then you will find it difficult to sustain life and you may have to face depression. You should continue your regular routine what you used to do in your younger days like talking to people, sharing your views, going on outings, etc. In short, live life as you used to just avoid heavy physical activities. Another thing you can do is set some new aims in your life, it will give you mental as well as physical energy and you will feel like a guy with young heart. This way you can avoid Alzheimer, it’s a mental disease that mostly occurs in older people. Remember, busyness is the solution to many mental illnesses.

How to maintain financial factor? It’s a fact that we always require money, when we are earning or even after we get retired. Actually at some extent in older age we need more money, then we used to require in our earning days. So financial health is very important to live a respectful life. Since we are aware of the reality that ultimately we will get retired and we will need finance so as a wise person we should start planning for post-retirement. There are many plan & programs in the market that are designed especially for senior citizens. We need to determine our needs as well as our ability to invest in retirement plan before opting for any retirement plan. One should choose a retirement program carefully and thoughtfully to sustain a financially independent life.

How to maintain social health? However, many ageing people have wrong perceptions about the retired age. They think they have to live a lonely life, but the reality is completely opposite. Instead of living a lonely life; this is their time to live for themselves since they are free to take part in various social activities as their preferences. They can participate in a number of social activities like in social associations, social groups, politics, etc. It’s time for them to expand their knowledge by visiting various places and get familiar with new people and culture. Besides enjoying life you can even earn and make significant money through part-time home based jobs to stay socially and mentally active. Considering the social atmosphere you can also engage yourself in social welfare programs, it will provide you mental satisfaction that you are doing something for the good of society.

How to maintain physical fitness? There is not a single reason to stay fit since fitness is surrounded by many positive factors like sustaining a stress free&healthy lifestyle. In order to maintain healthy lifestyle, you should focus on a diet that is composed of various nutrition such as minerals, proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates, vitamin that should be followed by a nice exercise to digest your regular diet. Sleep is another factor to live a healthy lifestyle at old age. You need to take a healthy sleeping which should not be excessive. In addition, you should continue regular exercise that includes light weight training, long walking, etc. In case of any physical issue you should consult to a doctor immediately. Since absence of even one factor from these tips can be a huge hindrance like without money or fitness you cannot enjoy every bit of life.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is not a general but a severe medical condition which is caused due to rise in pressure on the walls of the arteries. Those who get affected to it are familiar with heart disease, kidney failure, heart attack etc. after getting diagnosed with high blood pressure or hypertension; you are prescribed with particular medications by your physician in order to have control on it. To control it in an efficient way, it is necessary to follow exercises and have healthy foods along with given medications. Those who avoid healthy and nutritious diet are more affected to high blood pressure disease.

The diet for high blood pressure must be rich in vitamins, antioxidants, potassium and magnesium. People suffering with these diseases must have lots of fruits in their diet, with whole grain cereal, vegetables and nuts. Try to avoid unhealthy foods and include healthy ones in diet. Most of the high blood pressure patients experience severe health problems as they fail to have proper diet.

Given below are a few foods and drinks to be avoided by patients of high blood pressure.


Those who are suffering with high blood pressure must avoid the intake of salt as too much of salt can increase the risk of high blood pressure. It can even damage arteries and heart. The patient who has high blood pressure must not take more than a teaspoon of salt in a day as it is recommended by doctors purposefully.

Avoid fats

The foods that has saturated or trans-fat must be avoided completely by high blood pressure patients. In case if the situation is not severe then your physician will advice to limit the intake of fats. Having foods rich in fats can lead to obesity which will turn into high blood pressure any time. Therefore it is advised to avoid fatty foods and fried foods that have more fat consistency in it. It is best to avoid foods that are cooked in artificial oils.

Avoid red meat

Red meat is one more food item that should be avoided strictly by high blood pressure patients. it is because it contains poisonous substance and chemicals that were consumed by the animals. Therefore instead of having red meat, it is advised to have adequate size of white meat with lots of seasonal fruits and veggies.

Avoid sugar

Sugar is also harmful to health like fatty foods. It leads to obesity which adds more pressure on heart causing poor flow of blood in the body. Therefore, those who are suffering with high blood pressure are advised to avoid sugar contained foods in a complete way.

Avoid packed or processed foods

It is important to avoid packed or processed food as more number of people likes to have packed food due to their busy lifestyle. Actually, these foods do not have important nutrients and are high in fats and salt. Just avoiding junk and processed food will not only keep your blood pressure normal and under control but also decreases the risk of many health problems.

Avoid alcohol

It is good to avoid alcohol because consuming it can give chances for the rise in the level of high blood pressure. Too much consumption of alcohol has a chance to damage the artery walls which leads to serious complication in health. Those who have normal or less blood pressure can have alcohol in modest quantities.

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