Top Benefits of Physical Exercise

It is common knowledge that who exercises regularly, tends to live a better life when compared to a couch potato. This is because every day, he is improving his body both, physically and mentally. The exercises he does not only help him in toning his muscles but also keep him in a happy state of mind. Other than that physical exercises have many other advantages as well. A man who exercises regularly will always be physically fit, he has more chances of living longer and he will also age slowly, but a man who has never exercised in his life may suffer many complications. If he does not exercise, there is a good chance that he may become overweight or obese which can then lead to further complications. A non exercising person will never be able to get the body he desires, he will never be able to participate in any sports let alone win them. These are the kind of individuals who tend to become social outcasts and hence are never in a stable mental state. Thus, it is very important to exercise if you want to have a healthy and fulfilling life.

Rest is that aspect of exercising, whose importance people often fail to understand. They don’t realize that rest is very necessary for the growth of muscles and it completely rejuvenates the body for newer challenges that it will face the next day.

It is very sad to see to a see a majority of the public not taking to exercise and falling prey to dreaded diseases like obesity despite its numerous advantages. Some of the very important ones are given below:

 Exercising regularly helps in removing stress completely as exercises tend to calm the brain and that result in you getting better sleep. In fact exercises like running and jogging are noted to actually make you very happy as they release certain liquids known as endorphins which make you feel very pleasant.  Exercising regularly also helps in improving our self esteem. Studies show that exercising regularly will help in getting rid of depression.

Frequent exercising will also help in removing chronic diseases which have been plaguing you for a long time. It helps in getting rid of diseases like heart diseases, blood pressure problems. It also helps in maintaining the cholesterol levels of the body also helps in decreasing the triglyceride levels of the body. Regular physical exercises also help in preventing certain types of cancer and also type-2 diabetes.

It also helps in building muscular strength, takes your endurance levels to unconquered heights and also keeps your flexibility also improves. Physical exercise is not only necessary in adults but also in children as it keeps them in a good physical state right from the very beginning. It also is proved to keep the children in good mental state.

There are many types of physical exercises which can be done depending on the time and energy you are willing to spend. Some people hit the gym with a lot of enthusiasm, some turn into road runners and some just exercise in their basement. All these types of exercises are beneficial in their own way. All you have to do is to make your choice and start exercising. For some exercises, you will need the machines of the gym, for some all you require is some weights and for some, the only thing you require is grit and determination. So take your pick and start exercising, now.

Cool down exercises

Everyone has started exercising now days. More people are hitting the gym than ever now. You could say that everyone now wants to fight the battle against obesity and other unhealthy conditions. This is because people have slowly started realizing the importance of physical exercising and are somehow finding time out of their busy schedule to exercise for at least an hour daily. This has slowly started increasing the number of fit people in the world, but there are problems arising because of the fact that most people are not exercising in the right way. This makes them lose energy very easily, as a result of which they get tired too fast, but that is not their biggest problem. If people exercise in the wrong way, they tend to grow muscles in very awkward shapes and sizes. This happens when your exercise is not able to target the right muscle. The biggest problem that arises due to exercising the wrong way is getting chronic muscle injuries. If these injuries are not taken care of in time or if you do not start exercising properly, hey could end up doing some permanent damage to you.

There is good chance of you getting injuries even if you exercise properly. This happens due to the fact that, while most people are aware of warm ups, very few are aware of the concept of cool downs. Most people tend to carry on with their daily routines once their exercises have been over. This is where they make their mistake. After they are done with their intense workouts they should be doing some cooling down exercising so that they can bring the body back to normal.

At this point, some people may ask that why are cooling down exercises necessary. They are necessary because of many reasons. Firstly, when you are finished with your high intensity work out, your body is producing a lot of adrenaline. After you are done with your cooling down exercises the amount of adrenaline in the blood reduces.

Your heart becomes very active during a workout session and starts pumping blood to the muscles at a very frantic pace. Its activity further rises if the exercise is a cardiovascular exercise. If you bring an abrupt stop to the workout session, there will be no pumping action which will give the blood back to the heart from the muscles which will lead to a very serious condition known as blood pooling. There is also a good chance that there will be a lot of waste present in your blood as well. Studies have shown that a particular condition develops in the muscles because of the absence of cool down exercises. This condition is known as Delayed onset of muscle soreness. As a result of which the muscles which have been targeted in a workout will start to hurt after a few hours of exercising.

There are many ways to cool down. One of the ways to do this is to simply lower the intensity of the exercise. This kind of cooling down is done mostly in the case of cardiovascular exercises like running and jogging. If you simply slow down your pace of jogging, it will automatically turn into a cooling down exercise.

Another way of effective cooling down is stretching. It is one of the most effective exercises when it comes to avoiding muscle soreness. While stretching, give stress to the areas which you have worked out on that day. This will surely help in their growth.

So now that you know the benefits of cooling down exercising, hopefully you will be able to incorporate them in your daily routine. Stay safe.