Importance of Vitamins for Human Health

Vitamins are the important part of our daily diet. We should never skip a diet that includes vitamins especially. Although other things like carbohydrates and proteins are also important but here we are focusing on Vitamins and Minerals only. Vitamins are like micro nutrients and are very helpful for our body to carry out daily health functions. Vitamins are also helpful for the body tissues emergence and to revive them if they are in the damaged condition. Take these micro nutrients daily if you really want to focus on health and well-being.

Why Vitamins are Important for Our Health:

It is a good question regarding Vitamins and our health. Vitamins are very essential for our health as our body cannot produce vitamins of their own. Thus it is important that we have to take these micro-nutrients from our food and this is the only way to increase the level of vitamins in our body. Some common examples of vitamins are: Vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K. Our body extracts all these from our daily diet and thus uses by body to complete biochemical reactions to build and repair tissues. What are the benefits of these vitamins we will discuss it here.

Vitamin A: It is one of the most important in all the micro-nutrients as it helps to keep our vision healthy, to build a good immune system and other tissues development. People can take this from various sources like carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, bananas, mangoes and from sea foods. To maintain a healthy immunity and good vision take vitamin A daily.

Vitamin B: This is also important for our health as it is responsible for increasing the metabolism rate and to build red blood cells. Metabolism is directly related to your weight and thus it helps us to reduce more fat easily. More red blood cells directly proportional to the oxygen flowing in our body. If people want to increase the metabolic rate and to get glowing skin take Vitamin B in rich quantity. The sources are: Whole grain food, sea food, fruits and vegetables. Dairy products are also great source of Vitamin B.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C treats skin care problems like wrinkles and dead cells. It also helps to improve cardiovascular system and improves immunity power. Sources are: broccoli, tomatoes, lemon, orange and green chilies etc.

Vitamin D: It is also an important vitamin for us as it treats cancers, diabetes, and abnormal blood pressure. It also helps our bones to make them strong. Main sources of Vitamin D are: Early morning sun rays, salmon, dairy products and eggs etc. Deficiency of this Vitamin can cause many health diseases.

Vitamin E: It is the fat soluble vitamin and has multiple health benefits. It protects our body from inveterate diseases, heat related problems, cancer protection and skin related problems. If we take it in the right proportion then certainly we will not get skin related issues and obtain a healthy glowing skin. Sources are: Sunflower Seeds, peanut, olive oil, spinach and dry fruits like almonds etc. Keep all these things in your daily diet plan to reduce many health risks.

Vitamin K: It protects our body from blood clotting, excessive bleeding and to build healthy immune system. For children and women it is an important vitamin and it is expert’s suggestions for them that never skip a diet that includes Vitamin K. We can get this from: Vegetables like spinach, broccoli, beans, eggs and chickens etc.

This is a list of few important vitamins and if we take them in the right proportion we can treat many diseases, disorders and disabilities easily.