Ways for Beautiful Skin During the Shower

The skin is prone to infections and it is very true during the monsoon. The best thing you can do to help your skin stay healthy is stop eating outside during these seasons. You should also offer good care to your skin. Here are a few tips that can help you to keep your skin healthy, beautiful and glowing during the showers.

Find the best tips here to bid a bye to the problems you and your skin can face when it rains.


Your acne is increased during monsoon because the excess humidity in the air can keep the pores of the skin closed. The oily skin suffers the lot because of accumulation of dust. You need to opt for cleansing to clear of the dust. Also, the pores are opened when you cleanse the skin. You can find this an effective method to keep away sweat, dust, pollutant, and dist. deposited in the skin pores. You can cleanse your skin every day. You can get a healthy, beautiful, clean and cool skin when you cleanse daily.

Stay Dry:

You can never stay dry if you are not keen about it during the monsoon. This is the apt climate for the fungi to grow and hence the reason you face problems because of fungal infection. Doctors advise to wash twice a day to keep away from the fungal infections, which are common during the rainy seasons. Wear cotton clothes. They are ventilating, meaning they do not make you stay sweaty and absorb sweat. When you tend to wear jeans and other clothes that are too tight and do not absorb sweat, then you would probably affected by fungus. Try to stay dry as much as you can.

Wash Your Face Thrice:

Wash your face two to three times in a day. This is a specific instruction to be followed during the rainy days. To wash, you need to choose a gentle face wash. The chemicals in the face wash can ruin the skin beyond repair and you need to choose something mild and which suits your skin tone.  You can also use face packs two times a week. You can choose any face pack. However, natural and herbal face packs can give best results, and are devoid of side effects. If you want to go for homemade face packs, you can also try the traditional ones that are time-tested. The key point is that you need to choose a mild face pack.

Stick to a good diet plan:

A healthy diet is mandatory for any human being and this can benefit your overall system. Do not look for a good diet, but a healthy diet. Your diet should not only appease your taste buds, but should also offer your body the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It is important to check if you take in a balanced diet. When you want to eat healthy, try eating a wide variety of healthy foods, because you tend to get bored and start going for unhealthy foods, if you stick to the same diet plan. Your skin gets proper nutrients from a balanced diet and you can see the results. The skin also can stay away from infections as a healthy diet helps fighting infections.



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