Yoga for Beginners

People all over the world are suffering from various diseases which are crippling their lives. These diseases are stopping people all over the world from doing day to day activities. This makes these people unable to support their families which cause a host of other problems. Futures have been destroyed due to illnesses which doctor say they cannot cure. These people are fighting a losing battle with life and no one expects them to in. No one expects an asthmatic to win a marathon, no one expects a kid suffering from ADHD to top his class, but the fact remains that these things have been done more than once; because once you are determined enough to do something, then here is nothing in the whole wide world which can stop you.

 One of the best ways to beat all these diseases is by doing yoga. It is one of the best exercises that have ever been made by man. Yoga originated in India about five to ten thousand years ago, its concepts kept on evolving and started spreading to other countries and finally it became a daily routine in the west. The effects of yoga are numerous, it help in healing both, the body and the mind. People everywhere are enrolling themselves in yoga classes so that they can stay fit, but if you don’t have the time or money to get into one then it is possible for you to do yoga on your own as well. This is where this article comes into play, it will give you an introduction to all the yoga exercises that you require in the building of your first ever yoga routine, But first let me tell you the benefits of yoga.

Yoga helps you in decreasing your stress levels by leaps and bounds which makes them indispensable for any one working in the corporate sector where the tensions are generally running very high. It is normally said that yoga help a lot in flexibility but it not useful when it comes to gaining strength but this not true as yoga is as good as a gym when it comes to strength. It is not only good for strength but also helps in maintaining proper balance. It does wonders for people suffering from asthma and also helps out in curing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It helps people get rid of insomnia. It helps in improving the physical strength of the elderly and also slows down the aging process. It also makes labor pains less painful, this makes yoga a must for every pregnant woman. It has the ability to totally heal back pain and make the body more flexible. It is also extremely useful in improving one’s diabetic condition.

Before learning the techniques you should know of some precautions which help you avoid any yoga related injury. Yoga involves raising a lot of body parts like the heels and the head. Make sure that the body parts are raised slowly and steadily without giving any jerks. Always keep in mind that all the poses in yoga should be done with a lot of ease and you are not required to put any extra power. See to it that your body does not tremble while you are practicing the poses. Stability is a key ingredient in doing any pose properly, make sure that you are always in proper balance; also being totally stationery also helps in reducing the pressure that is applied on the body while doing yoga. Make sure that your breathing is normal, you do not need to breathe deep or shallow unless the particular pose requires you to do so. Make sure that you do all your yoga exercises on empty stomach as consuming any eatables before practicing yoga may result in stomach pain and vomiting and thus should be avoided. It is advisable to do yoga after two hours have passed your last meal. Another way is practicing yoga before breakfast as you will definitely be having an empty stomach in the morning.

Yoga is a wonderful exercise and the best part about it is that it can be done almost anywhere; this is because the only space that you require to do yoga is the area equivalent to the area you cover while you are lying down. There is no special kind of equipment that you require for doing it except for maybe a yoga mat which is available at every major sports store. It is exceptional even if the motive of yoga is to lose weight. It has helped many celebrities lose weight faster than they could ever do at the gym. This makes yoga a must for every overweight person. So, take some out in  the morning, pick your favorite spot, lay down your mat and start practicing!.